Is the Ocean Worth Mapping?

We have maps of the ocean, but they can be so much better. And they ARE useful. #shorts

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  1. Interesting video! Can you please help me understand how you make your shorts? Do you edit it all on your phone or do you edit it on your computer using premier pro? It looks like you are shooting it on your phone but the editing looks really good so I'm curious.

  2. What do you think our submarines are doing practically non stop for the last 50 years ?

    Yes making maps of the oceans of course..

    Our Military will NOT give those secrets away in a map given to the public…

  3. The plan to harvest matnganese nodules is essentially a plan to kill every living thing on the abyssal plain. We dont know exactly what life is there but we know that there are lots of animals. Currently the proposed plan seems to be to essentially vacuum everything up from the ocean floor, take the minerals and dump everything back on the ocean floor. It is very unlikely that deep see animals can survive this treatment. Harvesting of deep sea manganese nodules is the worst idea since using nukes to alter the surface of the planet.

  4. Deep sea mining is a major concern for marine biologists like myself. There is a petition circulating around for a moratorium. Also, the Pacific is currently beeing "explorativle mined" . There are major areas where experimental mining is being done. Due to that, there is already a threatened of extinction deep sea snail (that is pretty metal, LITERALLY).


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