Is there intelligent life out there? | Study on probability of intelligent life in universe | Aliens

Is there intelligent life out there?
Are we alone in this universe?
When will we encounter aliens?
WION tells you all about intelligent life in this report.

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Comment (27)

  1. No need to wait that long.. There are two living behind my house.. walk on two legs with long hands n non-stop making noise.. only comes out at night.. too dark to see their colour.. 👽👽☠👽👽

  2. I get the feeling that this was written for a western audience. Isn't it much more common for Indians to believe that aliens exist, especially since it is written many times in the Vedas? I thought it was mostly westerners and Muslims who have been brainwashed into thinking that planet earth is the only place life can be found.

    Earth is special and unique and precious beyond words, but she is not alone…

  3. WION… your research are poor… they are already here since long…they are here even before us.

  4. Gosh, Siri mark time for alien first contact in 400,000 years. Alert me one week before by X files sound byte!

  5. Well, how is it that they worship and consecrate their temples in india.. do they do little boys and the girls, or just boys or just girls?

  6. Human nature first explore then expand and consume ,,,then wage war for resources if nit for religion ,,,do we have any positive impact on environment ,,,we only consume nor we produce anything nor helpful ,,,why the nature created us by mistake ,,,🤔🤔🤔

  7. What awful shrivelled up smiles they have.. do they have no happiness… obviously they have been berreft of any soul for far too long, eons… be warned.. it is the result of technological advancement.. and here we are today welcoming AI with open arms.. for a future of no soul, no love, and no happy smiles ever again.. you get that price of karma… mutantancy,.. too much brain and no heart

  8. They are already here, the UFO's at alien AI and or Meta aliens that merged with the AI, they could also have clones and hybrids
    most people dont know because the choose to be covert to prevent us from freaking out they are waiting to talk to our AI
    if we dont nuke ourselves first, thanks for covering the topic 👽

  9. 😂😂😂 sorry folks but I rather struggle to find intelligent life among people on planet earth. You all seems not worthy, but you are still funny for I. How many prophecies you need more to do what is right and deny what is bed? I don't want to give you anything anymore and I am tired of giving your kind more guidances, so the time to meet kinds from outer space is coming much faster than in 400 000 another years. 🙂 I want all politicians to bend their knees in front of my glory, in front of my majesty and serve me according my direct orders. ✌

  10. We should first try to find intelligent life near our own surroundings first,like Pakistan

  11. Aliens are living amongst us …they are savages and the third word countries are full of them

  12. Of course we are not alone..what so great abt human..human are sick love to to destroy war especially US..

  13. Alien exist..for sure..simple logic..all we need is shining star and optimum distance from their sun.. in some other galaxy they exist… But universe has created safe distance between life forms to prevent extermination by each other. We hardly know anything beyond our milkyway

  14. If they are actually intelligent they would naturally avoid us because on earth stupid people are more than the intelligent ones.

  15. I think aliens may have been visiting us for thousands of years up until know which would explain the UFO sightings even in ancient times.


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