Is there power in the Name of Jesus?

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Is there power in the Name of Jesus?
The scriptures of the past the name did not exist:
1. and thou shalt call his name Yahowshuwa: Matt 1:21 (KJV)
2. Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Yahowshuwa, Missiah for the remission of sins, Acts 2:38 (KJV)
3. In the name of Yahowshuwa, Missiah of Nazareth rise up and walk. Acts 3:6 (KJV)
4. even by him doth this man stand here before you whole. Acts 4:10-11 (KJV)
5. I command thee in the name of Yahowshuwa, Missiah to come out of her. Acts 16:18 (KJV)
Proof no power in the name:
1. Acts 19:13-19
2. Yahowshuwa, seeing their faith said unto the sick of the palsy Matt 9:2 (KJV)
3. Daughter, be of good comfort; thy faith hath made thee whole. Matt 9:22 (KJV)
4. Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you. Matt 9:29 (KJV)
5.  And a certain woman, which had an issue of blood twelve years Mark 5:25-34 (KJV)
6. speak: who stedfastly beholding him, and perceiving that he had faith to be healed, Acts 14:9 (KJV)
Jesus is not a translation
1. Yahowshuwa in english is Jashua
2. Greek influence translates the Messiah’s name to Iēsous, which actually means “hail Zeus” the worship of the sun god. Which many worship Jesus on Sunday
No glory will be given to the name of Jesus
1. I came in my Father’s name…John 5:43
2. Father’s name is Yah…Psalms 68:4
3. I am the Yahvah or Yahuwa: that is my name: Isaiah 42:8-10 (KJV)
4. Revelation 19:1, 3, 4, 6

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  1. Do we suppose to say "Amen" at the end of the Fathers pray. I just been wondering since its origins are from Egyptian God Ra

  2. As always, thank you my brother and sister for excellent teaching. Peace of Yah be on you and may his Angel's protect and preserve you for his glory. Love y'all! Your brother Clif.

  3. The Struggle…
    We say – "The true names are Yah & Yahusha, not god & Jesus. Those have Pagan origins"
    They say – "Well It doesn't matter as long as you believe he died for your sins"
    We say -" Well if it "doesn't matter" then just use his true/real name then:) "
    They say -"No, no, no but…"
    The DELUSION IS STRONG!! Stronger Than Any Drug Out There.

  4. Thank you for teaching the truth. May the Most High Yah and His Son continue to bless your ministry.

  5. The reception is poor. The enemy is fighting hard ! Their are so many people are lost they need to read and study the WORD. Then they would know the truth .We the people of Yah we stand for the Truth. We know the Truth let this world go. I am the Way. The Truth and the Life. it's not that hard. They need the Holy Ghost.Yah bless you all .I am thankful for this awakening I hav3 his name now I'm glad to know the Truth.

  6. I had faith "In the Name of Jesus". And it was like jumping out of an air plane trusting the parachute would open and it never did. My faith is damaged. Now that I have come into truth, I wonder if it will make any difference now.

  7. Yes there is power in the name of Jesus. It's the name demons respond to when I'm under sleep paralysis and cry out to Him, it's the name that casts several demons out of both myself when during self deliverance, and millions of other believers around the world who have received deliverance ministry. And it is the name the Lord told me to call Him Himself in a direct encounter with Him when I was being oppressed by demons. You're doing so well teaching the church its Hebrew roots, don't ruin your salvation by falsely teaching innumnerous believers that they should not use the name of Jesus. Y'all are treading on dangerous grounds and i get grieved in my spirit every time i hear y'all say this in videos. You need to be very careful. You and your husband/wife will have to answer for this on the day of judgment, and then all of your works would've been in vain.

  8. you are wrong! I know this because (course you're going to think I'm crazy) believe it or not I was abducted by what I will only call "inter- dimensional" beings and upon the mention of the name JESUS", the abduction ceased. now you can find this happening in other people's experience as well if you research it. (see. Jacque Valle)

  9. in fact I have seen several attacks by the evil one , stopped by the authority of the name of Jesus

  10. You guys must do this teaching again. The falling ones did not want this word to be spoken! I've taught this same lesson to family and friends and they are still in that religious cults… They are truly addicted to the jc name. We must keep speaking and praying in the Most High true name! Please redo this lesson so that I may share with the nations!!!! Shalom family

  11. Who is Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ is Lord, Master, Adonai. WHO is YAHshua HAMASHIAH? Yahshua is our Way, Truth, Light and Life, the Aleph and the Taw. Does the Bible say that there are two names under heaven in which we can be saved by or one? There's only ONE NAME UNDER HEAVEN in which we can be saved Acts 4:12. Should the Most High YAH (Psalms 68:4 Yah not Jah no "j" in Hebrew language)and Son names be preached in only titles breaking the third Commandment by taking their names in vain. There was no one named Jesus Christ when the disciples/Apostles walked the earth. The Most High YAH title was never GOD, God or god or LORD, Lord or lord they are the titles for the false mighty ones. The original name given to the Most High YAH son is YAHshua (I come in my father's name John 5:43) who honored the Laws, statues, Commandments, Sabbaths and Feast Days according to the Torah. Yahshua, the Hebrew Yisraelite and the only brought-forth and begotten SON of the MOST HIGH YAH is not Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ is not YAHshua our Messiah. YAHshua was born into the world as a man of color and has a name and culture that cannot be translated like people tend to do. When you change the name you change the language and culture thereby creating something new someone new. The one called the Christ, Jesus Christ, the Lord (Lord means Baal) is a man-made Greek/Latin/Christian who is not YAHshua HaMashiah but a newly risen MAN-MADE deity that our forefathers did not know and a name YAH has used as a steppingstone (a step on step off) for those who truly search for him. Jesus Christ is Lord and lord is associated with Baal a false deity (Strongs Hebrew Lexicon #1167#1168). There are bibles today online that have restored the name of YAH (The Most High) and YAHshua his only begotten son. Although there are different variations of the Most High YAH name through our stages of learning of him he provided us with the root…Hallelu…YAH (means praise YAH) and through loving-commitment in our studies of YAH he promised to provide to us the increase of knowledge of him with ourselves recognizing our growth since he already knows who belongs to him. YAH is ALMIGHTY, The ALL-SEEING, ALL-KNOWING, The MAXIMUM, The SUPREME, The ALL-POWERFUL, CAPABLE, MASTERFUL, VIGOROUS; IMMENSE with Dedicated Strength and Intense Force, a perpetual being whose FOREVER BOUNDLESS. So as Muslims worship the moon (A Rock), the Kaaba (A Rock) as those that say that they are Yahudah (Jews) but are not…who are in Israel today pray to the Western Wall (molten stone image…A Rock… The Broad way…SOMEBODY LYING) YAHshua said "not one stone will be left upon another"(somebody lying)…breaking the 2nd commandment of YAH. As Jesus Christ is Lord of Christmas Eve, Christmas, Good Friday, Palm Sunday, Easter a bunny laying eggs? (hippithy hoppithy), Ash Wednesday, Lent all these are MAN-MADE holidays/traditions and are not of scripture breaking the 1st & 2nd Commandments of YAH…(The Broad way). As Jesus Christ is Lord of SUNday worshippers and Feast and Sabbath day breakers…(The Broad way). As Jesus Christ has statues and crosses (graven/molten/wooden images breaking the 2nd commandment of YAH…(The Broad way). As Jesus Christ has paintings and pictures of himself and has been in movies, TV and on Broadway (Jesus Christ Superstar) breaking the 2nd Commandment of YAH…(The Broad way). Jesus Christ is a Greek/Latin/Christian created by the Roman Catholic Church and perpetrated through her daughter Churches. In Revelation 12, the woman is clothed with the sun and the GREAT RED DRAGON is in RED so Jesus Christ birthday is surrounded in REDNESS as that great RED DRAGON (HO, HO, HO… an imitation of HOLY, HOLY, HOLY). Santa Satan knows when you are sleeping, he's knows when you are wake… an imitator of the Creator YAH). Santa Satan also is clothed in redness, and people BOW DOWN TO SANTA SATAN to get the present from under the tree (made of wood)…connect the dots, did not Satan offered YAHshua the gift of all the Kingdoms in the world if he would BOW DOWN to him (Satan the AWARDER of things).Thou shalt NOT BOW DOWN…Satan deceived the whole world. We INHERITED LIES. YAHshua is Messiah the REWARDER of life (I come in my Father's name YAH) HalleluYAH again means PRAISE YAH and we should not take their names in vain breaking the 3rd commandment (bringing his name to nothing by calling him God and Lord) these are titles used by Satan, Buddha, Allah all false little mighty ones. The Most High YAH says he is jealous for his name. Chronicles 7:14 say if MY PEOPLE…MY PEOPLE who are called by my NAME, NAME, name NOT MAN-MADE TITLES…. For those who believe that there are two or more names under heaven in which we can be saved by hear ye…Enter in at the strait gate for strait is the gate and BROAD is the way (Jesus Christ) that leads to destruction and MANY that go that way for strait is the gate and NARROW is the way (YAHshua HaMashiah) that leads to life and few be there that FIND IT. Hallelu…YAH! Find it.

  12. If I’m Correct the good ship Jesus , by Captain
    John Hawkins was around 1564, King James Bible is 1611 and although the Letter J was around then , it did have the word Iesus in there

  13. I don't understand why is people are still calling him Jesus. When we all found out his name is Yah. It does matter to call him by his right name. I want to be called by my right does he. That why our prayer are not heard cause we are not calling him Yah.

  14. Yes. When I had demonic attacks his name sent them running. How can a false name hold supernatural power. Yes I know his name in Hebrew is Yeshua. When his name no longer holds power I'll come him by his original name.

  15. The bible says even the very elect would be deceived if this was possible…so if you are been deceived into believing that there in no power in the name of Jesus then you have denied the messiah unknowingly to you.
    God knew before the foundation of this earth that the devil and his corhorts would have come up with the idea to translate the name of His Son Jesus Christ from the original language the angel spoke to Mary, bcos am sure it wasn't english.
    God knew also that there would be a whole lot of righteous individuals throughout the earth from different nations, creed and tongues. So the omnipotent God went and anointed the name of His Son in every language that men would use to call upon the name of the messiah by doing this He took the enemy unaware.
    There is unlimited power in the name of Jesus! I cannot begin to explain. There are testimonies out there of muslims who do not speak english but when they call upon Jesus in their language He answers so please STOP deceiving others and please stop being deceived cos judgement awaits every soul who denies that there is POWER in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and risen Savior…Praise God HalleluYah!!!

  16. Are they trying to say that all those millions of people who believed in the Messiah and have passed away are not saved because they did not know his name is Yeshua. They really believe that Most High God is so limited that he doesn't know who calling by their spirit. Think God does not know who is his because the did not know his proper Hebrew name

  17. For all those that continue to call on the name Jesus. Ask yourself this…has calling on that name led me to repentance? I.e: keeping Torah, keeping Sabbaths, following the dietary law, keeping the Feast Days outlined in Scripture? If the answer is no, then perhaps you should ask yourself who am I really following??? Our Father/Son’s true names matter. Acts 4:12. Barak Yahuah! 💞

  18. I often wonder if the falling away Paul spoke about in Thessalonians will be the non-melanated people turning away when they realise that the Messiah is melanated.

  19. 👼🏼☁️👼🏼🌫👼🏼☁️👼🏼🌫👼🏼☁️👼🏼🌫👼🏼
    Whoever reads this, know that this testimony is true: I have suffered greatly through my life. With abuse when I was younger by multiple sources. I was beat plenty of times to the point where I'd fear my parent in question, bloody noses, hit with various inanimate objects, tears and trauma for most of if not all of my youth. Although they are forgiven, this is just what happened. For years I was broken but I knew at a young age, about 3 that there was something very wrong with this world. I saw the matrix right infront of me, just didn't know it yet. School & society didn't interest me. My birthday wishes when I was younger were for world peace, hope for all who suffer. My heart was always with the lord. I was raised as a Christian & went to Church. I lived in a bad area, in a very dangerous city & have seen a lot of evil. I dealt with many trials & tribulations like hunger & starvation. Do to all that has happened, it strengthened me, even if I didn't know it & was falling apart. I had protected myself from darkness with a cold personality, but my true nature was shown to my friends & those I loved. I wasn't evil towards people just didn't show any emotion. I'm just trying to live happy & make others happy & hopeful, spreading love, light, and positivity. Trying to help them with their mental struggles, & the demons that tried to drag them down to the Pitts of hell.
    When I was very young I remember

    VERY vividly in a dream still to this day, sitting in the lap of Jesus in heaven. That night I wept for my grandmother, I was in an abusive home wanting an escape. I see what he's done for me. In my teen years, I was lost, out of control, into witchcraft, not dark magic but just interested in the hidden/magical/ general occult, but he was still present.

    I was losing my mind, embracing insanity, going through 8 years of depression, tortured by anxiety, negative thoughts of things that don't matter. I was dealing with Psychosis, panic attacks, all sorts of mental issues. Multiple personalities (Demon). This all started before I became comforted by darkness, all I wanted to find was the truth, though I was met with false truths. I was extremely manic, even wanted to kill someone. I was sad & hated myself for so long, it seemed like I gave so much yet was being tormented. Saw many demons in my home. I didn't want to be like this. I was bullied in school at times, started to hate humanity. I was in constant emotional agony. I felt like cutting my arm & bleeding was more pleasurable then the emotions I was always feeling. I felt death was my friend, cause it would lead me back home. I hoped for death at times. I became very dark, numb, & cold. Started smoking bud, drinking, pre marital sex, just sinning. That demon of the past was trying to annihilate me. Even though I loved god & saw many great signs of his existence, unbelief was there. I wanted to know more so I wanted to try to lucid dream, astral project, meditate, sun gaze, mirror gaze, all sorts of spirituality practices, and I fell away from him.

    Nothing evil, anyway…except for the tarot cards & occult. Since then I repented from those things, rebuked, & renounced them. I thought I was doing good for others casting things to help usually only took from me. After awhile, feeling good from meditation, working out, eating healthy. I stopped. I fell into the deepest despair of insanity & questioned my everything I ever thought about. EVERYTHING! I was dead, I was begging, asking for help, pleading anyone that would listen. And my friend brought me back to the church & on a certain night I begged God for a sign of his existence so I may stop doubting him.

    And that night I had a dream & at the end of the dream of some random kid on a bike being chased by a madman in a car. I was in a mountain & inside was crystal clear waters, in those waters I was with two others that I don't remember the faces of, but a white horse that gave me an immense feeling of bliss & peace came to me from across the waters from the other side. It seemingly smiled and the dream ended. When I woke up I was puzzled & asked my pastors & they believe as I did, that it was Jesus. Before this I kept seeing videos of hell pop up in my feed, so I watched them. I was trembling like I never had before. I was not walking with God as I should have, & I was convicted. I was compelled after thinking of all the possibility that there is no doubt that god exists, he is the lord Jesus Christ. I believe in his name as I always have & I am happy that he brought me back to him. It's funny my place of torture was called Bethel Road. I kid you not my youth was hell epitomized.

    He wanted me to fight with him. He made me strong & cold to this world for a reason, the cold heart turned into a burning anger towards evil, a rightious heart. My wrath and his shall be poured onto those evil entities when fighting with the lord in Armageddon. The world corrupted one of his angels, I was so pure when I was younger, & wanted to do nothing but help others & nurture. My innocence was stripped from me as I realized the harsh realities of this painful world. I have seen angels & great wonders by the lord. Crosses & angels in the sky, visions. I was having excruciating migraines that do didn't go away, asked for him to make them vanish & they did. This was when I was a kid & was younger & unprogrammed. All I saw was lies. I now have the wisdom by God to see that he brought me back in haste, so I may not be appointed to his wrath. Which is good cause I want to be with him. I detest this evil world, I have always looked to the sky longing for home. HEAR ME FOR MY MIDDLE NAME IS GABRIEL, THIS IS MY TESTIMONY OF MY EXPERIENCE IN LIFE AND WITH THE LORD!

    Through him my pains washed away, even though meditating helped slightly. It would do nothing in these days knowing judgement is here, I am glad I put my faith 200% back in Jesus Christ. If I was meditating and continuing with the new age practices I would be absolutely terrified, depressed, & souly hopless knowing the end is here. But I am happier each day, through all my agony I have found paradise is Christ. Having a relationship with the one who created you.

    For those who read this & do not believe. DO YOU NOT SEE THE PROPHECY BEING FULFILLED BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES! ISRAEL & ARAB PEACE DEAL WAS APART OF PROPHECY! Israel just split, god is real. (Israel=Is real) IT'S UNFOLDING BEFORE US, THE CHURCH SHOULD BE TALKING MORE ABOUT REVELATIONS NOT AVOIDING IT! You don't want to be here for the coming judgement, so accept Jesus now for I feel it in my spirit & very soul he is coming for his believers soon. Like almost now soon, I have this INNER KNOWING that he is indeed coming, even when I was not walking with him. At first I was scared to hear of revelation, then I remembered the rapture & Jesus's blessed promise. Don't let anybody strip you of his promise, his blessed hope.

    If you are his, walk with him, have a relationship with him, love him, be obedient to his grace, fear not. See unlike the devils won't cost you. Jesus's salvation is free. If you reject him, your heart will shatter as his did when you rejected him. You don't want to hear "I never knew you, depart from me!" But Jesus has a big heart, full of love & joy. He heals the broken hearted & those who weren't shown love. His mercy is an ever flowing ocean. Continue to pray everyday, speak to him, read his word, you will be comforted everyday. Teach revelations with the hope of the rapture. People will run away from Christ if it's doom and gloom, PRE-TRIBULATION RAPTURE IS THE TRUTH! We are the bride of Christ, the church. JESUS WOULDN'T LET SOMEONE BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF HIS BRIDE BEFORE THE WEDDING, which is what the tribulation is.

    Believe NOW and subscribe to God before its too late! REPENT FOR THE TIME OF HIS GATHERING OF THE CHURCH IS NEAR! BE RIGHTEOUS IN CHRIST! Most importantly accept you are seperated from God because of your sin. No amount of good works or anything will save you. Only Yeshua's Salvation. Accept this free gift & believe that Jesus died on the cross, took your punishment on calvary, that he rose on the third day, & ascended into heavan. Choose to walk with the lord, call upon him, ask for his holy spirit. It is by the glory of God I didn't take my life. I thank the lord for everything, gratitude=blessings. In Jesus name, bless anyone who reads this, help them see your presence lord, father god let them feel the holy spirit, & be called to come to you. Let them pick up their cross, follow & worship your mighty name. In the holy name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! I've been through it all, yet the way I was lead to was god, recently. The lord chose you, chose to suffer for YOUR sins, so we may not perish but have eternal life. Repent and turn away from your sins, change your mind, walk with God, speak to god, have a relationship with Christ & his word will guide you. Pray that you may be counted worthy to escape the coming devastation. Our holy father will save us, you must believe this. Let no one try to take away his promise, we have been faithful. We already are under demonic spiritual warefare. We are not appointed to his wrath, but rapture. Love God, he loves you to give his only begotten son to pay the wages of sin which is death. If you accept Jesus's free gift of salvation you are redeemed. How to accept? Say this: "I believe in the father, son, & the holy spirit. Sin seperated me from you, I believe deep in my heart that Jesus is the son of God, that he died on the cross for our sins, rose on the third day, & ascended into heavan. I turn away from sin & will take up my cross and follow you lord, obey your will for me. Jesus I trust in you!" Jesus is awaiting you with open arms, call upon his name! Heavan & Hell are very real places, choose your eternity now👼🏼

  20. I am so greatful to come into the truth that you are sharing with us all. Thank you. I suppose when our ancestors were in captivity in Egypt they faced the same challenges we are today. After hundreds of year's they turned to idolatry of their captors and participated in their idol worshiping events. Hence the unbelief in the wilderness and making of the golden calf to participate in revalry after being fed. Stay strong family because our transition is needed for what's to come in the deliverance of Yahuah, Yahusha Ha'Mashiach and the Ruach Hakodesh in Almighty power. Again thank you.


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