Is Yahusha Yahuah | Is Jesus God? Proof from the book of Revelations

Is Yahusha YAHUAH? or as Christians would say, is “Jesus God?”

One of the most common teachings of Christianity is the belief that the Messiah Yahusha is YAHUAH, the Most High. This is one belief that also claims adherents from the Hebrew roots community as well.

The danger of believing this (Yahusha is Yahuah/Yahusha is Elohiym/Jesus is God) is that (unknowing to us) it makes us anti-messiah (antichrist). “Really?” you may ask. But how?

This video will show how we are antichrist if we do believe so, as well as answer the question Is Yahusha Yahuah or Is Jesus God? We will do so through the book of Revelations.

Watch the video and we will see what the bible says.

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  1. I was having this conversation with a friend in the mid am…I'm so grateful that after being wearied by it, I prayed for her nd then now this. Awesome….this is the Most High answering both our prayers, just that she doesn't know it yet😅💯. Thank u Just a Word


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