Israel and the Coming Holocaust – Billy Crone

Nov. 15th, 2019
Guest Pastor Crone, of Get a Life Ministries provides a sermon on the current state of affairs with anti-Israel, anti-Semitism, and replacement theology sentiments pointing to the coming holocaust.————————————————————————————————————–
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  1. Woe unto any preacher who stops preaching the gospel in place of garbage like this. None of this advances the kingdom of heaven or hastens the coming of our Lord Jesus. This is esoteric pseudo-christian garbage. BUY MY BOOK! BUY MY DVD! Notice there's no mention of buying a bible. Just someone promoting themselves, not Jesus.

    Just READ The Hebrew books 📚 of: Daniel & Revelation & the HOLY SPIRIT WILL reveal to you What happening in these LAST / END Days

  3. I am 3/4 watching this video and it seems to me Pastor Billy is blaming the rise of anti-Semitism on the Democrats and the climate woes are the result of falling out of favor with God. Let’s not forget the evil, secret Muslim, President Obama who hates Israel. Personally, I think anti-semitism is on the rise because we are getting closer to end times and not because of Democrats. Please do not foster hatred and demonize the Democrats. Pastor Billy is painting with a broad brush and sowing the seeds of division. Heaven will not be filled with Republicans only and hell filled with Democrats. This isn’t biblical. Let’s keep politics out of the gospel. Jesus did.

  4. My dad went to WW2 he had joined from the start and survived this war right to the end in 1945. Therefore, I was brought up learning the truth about this horrible war. It sickened my dad what all the Jewish people had been put through by the Nazis and other Germans as well too. Dad felt there shouldn't be allowed any Germans in Canada at all. Overall, I have no use for those monsters that are haters against the Jewish people, but lovers of Hitler and Hitler's ways.
    God's chosen people are the Jewish people and no one can change this. God bless and watch over every one of the Jewish population on earth. To conclude, I need to end this, cause if I go on any longer I'm going to say things against those against the Jewish people that will be the truth and the truth will get me kicked of here, cause of what I have to say is brutally honest of everything that was done on to these God-fearing innocent people. It sickens me that all those evil devil worshipers who committed the worse of the worse kind of suffering that so many of God's children had to go through…Now what the Jewish people went through was hell, hell in the worse kind of ways on Earth. My heart is broken just knowing all this will more than likely repeat itself. I will not sit back if I was to ever witness anyone coming down negative in any way towards a Jewish person or anyone cause another one's hatred towards their race.
    God bless all.


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