Israel demands an apology from Russia over Lavrov's Hitler comments | World English News | WION

Israel has demanded an apology from Russia over Russian foreign Minister Lavrov’s Hitler comments. Lavrov said that Hitler had Jewish blood.

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Comment (30)

  1. It looks like Israel is sh**stirring. More than Jews where killed in the holocaust. Millions of Russians poles gypsies also died

  2. What the Hell Israel!!! Over the last two months on a number of news channels I have heard reporters say the Ukrainain president was Jewish. Why wasn't there an outcry from Israel? Why only now? I am not defending what the Russian politician said. And I take no sides in the fray between Israel and Russia. I am just puzzled why Israel only now gets it's nickers in a massive twist over something that has been said by others for nearly two months.

  3. Hitler can't even rest 🤷 di man inna I'm grave and you people just a call up di man name💯🤦 LoL 🤔

  4. Jews get set free. Then gather and march to invade…. well that's what actually happened.

  5. Neonazist is a terrorist group,. Which is created by USA and Ukraine accepted them to fight against Russia.Therfore it is denazification… It sounds Israel is a puppet now, backless and brainless leader . On top of that are Jews have anything different than Hitler,, all are human beings,, Racist Israel leader.

  6. This is worth knowing. Thanks for FM Lavrov for highlight that part of the dark history. It was unknown to me. The Israel reaction shows it's true.

  7. What happens after Zelensky fight Russia to the last Ukrainians. Then all Ukrainians dies and perish, then who will repopulate Ukraine. What the US are planning for Ukraine

  8. Russia speaks total lies. God save 🇺🇦 🙏 Deliver heavy weapons to the besieged Ukraine!!

  9. Lavrov will never apologise in Front of this scum.thats now rally 2.5 billions of Muslims with Russia .well done Lavrov ,genious..

  10. On the case of Adolf Hitler being of Jewish Ancestry we say, “There might be a possibility but there is no incontrovertible evidence that we know of.” And the most important thing of all.. We know he’s evil. We can all agree on that.

  11. I highly surprised that Germany, Israel and the UN are not worried and condemning the Neo-nazis battalion in Ukraine government and army that their existence is widely published and evidently recognized. But no, Israel is more worry about who's antisemitic and who is not. Germany on the other hand is worried about Russian gas and pleasing America

  12. Religion is not defined bye your DNA. So let make something clear. This Jew discussion is rather pointless. The whole argumente is that he, tries to proof that the ukraine is a Nazi regime and he did not proof it at all. In fact it is all smoke and mirrors like always. Russia trys to confuse the rest of the world with more and more bullshit.

  13. Zelensky supports Nazis and Bandera, he was supposed to fight oligarchs but he conviniently forgot to disclose his offshore assets, he promised to finish the conflict in Donbass but he did everything to provoke the war! Call him Jew or German or whatever it will not change his essence – he is just a corrupted politician in the most corrupted state in Europe

  14. Members of my family fought the Nazis. I was taught by those who fought the Nazis what happened throughout the war and the actions of the Nazi armies. From all I can see and understand their are Nazis involved BUT they are the Russians, (Nazi in all they say and do). If the Russians really want to defeat Nazism then they should remove Putin and Lavrov.

  15. Mr. Lavrov: you don't need to give any apology. You just said the truth. If they don't want to accept the truth. Is up to them!
    This is Universal History!
    And, Yes! Zelenski support neo-nazies and the AZOV are neo-nazies supported by both Ukraine and USA!


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