Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. Hah!!! These Khazaars a hilarious LMFAO 😂😂. When have they ever been apart of Africa lol (besides occupying a nation for almost a century) maybe he's talking about old King Titus when the Romans occupied Israel smh.

  2. Prophecy is unfolding. For those making a personal exodus, Yah said he will gather us, not us gather ourselves on our own time table. We must fast, pray, repent repeat, and wait on Yah. When he does it, there will be no confusion, and we will be protected from the wolf! Shalom.

  3. We have to start a petition to stop them because they don’t have any interest in helping Africa what they are trying to do to stop the awakening the see has been spreading all over the continent and the world and to keep the destabilizing going on in Africa so please let’s see how we can start some kind of a petition.As a matter of fact am going to try to send an email to the former African Union ambassador the lady I can’t remember her name at this moment but if anyone do please let start and shear her email with us shalom

  4. Will the Real Nation of YAshar’al(Israel) plz stand up? I’ve visited Israel. How can you be the Tribe of Judah (Lion) when there aren’t any lions and animals there. Just Ibex (Mt. Goats). Where are the ancestors that were hung on a tree? MaRaNatha.

  5. Joel 3:2
    “I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land.”

  6. Africa has all the advantages of the future but still fear standing on their own without foreign aid. They selling their people out AGAIN. May AHAYAH reveal His plans to His people, protect us from temptation and deliver us from evil.

  7. Life is never about us it's about God will…let God do he will must of you don't believe in God so want to control because of you fear. Just play you part (fear is the devil work )

  8. ? Can someone tell me….wasn't the land that is now called Israel also part of the African continent many many centuries ago before the man-made lake was created and which separates the territory today called the middle east.

  9. TCA , yet again another example of African leaders allowing themselves & ultimately their people to be duped into losing control of what belongs to them. What’s that saying “ lay with dogs& you’ll get fleas “. These damn fool African politicians ( because they ain’t leaders) never learn.

  10. As someone who has more recent familial ties in Africa, this is very scary. Being a first generation, To me Africa isn’t far and the people don’t feel estranged from me. So to see this happening actually scares me. It’s actively happening to me and the family that I have back there. The people are already at their wits end just trying to survive. Technology as made small opportunities for the younger generations there, and now this super “other” power wants to come and observe? When someone wants to be your friend when you start trying to move up it’s most likely because they 1) want to be a stumbling block 2), what to take from you, or 3) what to exploit you. And it’s too easy to do that to a continent where leaders have no concern for the wellness of the people. Thanks to these leaders, Africa doesn’t belong to Africans.

  11. Suggestion. Can you narrate in the areas that requires reading? Your videos are very informative and valued. Not everyone has eyesight and those of us who do, it sometimes is not always convenient for us to read for various reasons. Many times I've had to close out your video because of that. It would make a world of difference if you narrate.

  12. That's not a good news for us Africans ; it's very scary to us , we have been finally and totally been sold by those Devils call our African leaders we are orphans . May the Most High continue to guide us till His return. 😡

  13. They don't want the people, they want the land. They have been killing African presidents and rulers so they can get a foothold to kill the African peoples

  14. This makes me so sad. I don't believe it's the majority of the people. They (the evil ones) have implanted their puppets and the ordinary people will suffer because of them.
    I wanted to go home but can't see that happening now as most of the governments are currupt.

  15. Let's not overlook the fact that American & Great Britain have always sided with Israel regardless of the fact that they're NOT the chosen of the Most High!!!

  16. This could be what put prophesy back in play with the return of the true chosen people of the Most High. We must remember Israel was always apart of Africa until they changed it. By they I mean the world system.

  17. Their main agenda is to finish killing off all the seed of Jacob these imposters do not understand that if you kill TMH chosen children that they always comeback we keep multiplying and coming back you might kill our flesh but not our soul we belong to our FATHER TMH the KING of the universe

  18. Sickening. I'm trying very hard to hold on to faith and hope for Afrika. I am so sick of the mindless, spineless apparently ignorant leadership. Sometimes it's clearly from corruption; other times it seems like TOTAL ignorance of history or, at least, short-sightedness. I'm exhausted.
    It's a Mind Game.


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