Israel launches airstrikes in Gaza, biggest exchange of fire since 2021 war | World News | WION

The conflict between Israel and Hamas is escalating. According to reports, the two sides engaged in the biggest exchange of fire since the 2021 war. Israel carried out airstrikes in central Gaza.

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Comment (33)

  1. Till the time Islamists are there, there can be no peace on this globe. This violent ideology knows no peace, no multiculturalism, no co-existence.

  2. Israel the OCCUPIER thinks they can manage the violence. Holding people in prison conditions, no rights stokes Palestinian angst. The UN predicted Gaza unlivable by 2020, what year are we? People chafe under those conditions and WION you err displacing those facts.

  3. Israel invades a country they say was theirs three thousand years ago, no problem. Russia invades a country they say was theirs thirty years ago, problem. The fundamental principle of Israel is that their ethnicity puts them above everyone else. It is an inherently racist premise. They believe God entitled them to whatever they want. It is brainwashing. They simply don't understand what they have done to the Palestinians.

  4. Sad about this the world can't even recover before you start your older then stone war again.

    Over and over and over and over and over.

    It's insanity

  5. Israel has a right to defend itself but it's response has to be proportional. 5 missiles fired at Israel should result in 5 missiles fired back. 39 vs 14 kills are not proportional. Biden was supposed to reverse what Trump did to make Jerusalem the capital. This failure in US foreign policy leadership will undoubtedly cause more bloodshed.

  6. And U.S fired trump the one guy who was achieving peace now U.S has a President who tried to shake the hand of invisible people's and falling on steps and saying stupid and his wife hand up his back side working him like a puppet.

  7. Jews should have ceased to exist when Jesus came to earth, but there were some left who did not accept Jesus as messiah, they must be expelled from Palestine.

  8. Humans are the only species on the planet that spend so much time effort and resources on simply killing one another.

  9. Israel has no alternative but to retaliate in self defense! God be with the Israelites until Jesus returns ! Islamics do NOT practice peace! 🔥🌠🔥🌠🔥

  10. Notice how no one speaks against Israel ? How is what they are doing any different than what Russia is doing?

  11. The God of Israel has unleashed the tools of re-education against the Muslim enemies: Gaza must be shrunk and absorbed immediately!

  12. You said: Let us turn our attention to what is happening in Palestine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Then you cover only what is happening in Jerusalem and the terrorist controlled area called Gaza….none of which are called Palestine.
    Why not accurately state 'Israel and The West Bank or Judah and Samaria'?
    Unknowing viewers may get the wrong impression that there is a State called Palestine.

  13. 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩 INDONESIA WILL ENTER GAZA.. WITH 10000 WEAPONS IMMUNITY FORCES (Indonesia is the center of Islam in the world)😠😠😠

  14. Ah my God, as reminded to revisited now Obama's, THE ONE, for 12 years, July 27/28 2021, two thirds of them will die,. Frightnight to Anubis undertakers, mummifiers all-around, not including the calculation of 25 million, Britains, 25 Million Canadians, added to since Bush Clinton Bush, predicted for decades, 50 million US dead. Yes, admittedly a massive, massive, sudden die off of Westerners; Undoubtedly that April 2 2022 come to a school office nurse, line upon line, neverending line of jured to orphan children; but is this beginning earth ender, the apocalyptic event I said would turn ALL the world's attention towards North America to The Northern Hemisphere, way? WHY DIE? Why PERISH! WATCH! RUN! LIVE! HBOW/Apb The RAM


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