Discussing topics surrounding the identity of biblical versus current agenda of manhood; the role of the father and responsibility of elders within the community; personal testimonies and practical application for current times and future.

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  1. This collaboration was on FIRE!!!! 💥💥💥 Abba Yah, thank you for ordaining our Mighty Warriors of Yah to teach on the significance of Manhood for our nation. This panel was exceptional and educational.

  2. What a powerful lesson we need more of this to uplift us Each one teach one four powerful Brothers United as one all praises to the most high In God We Trust I definitely learned a lot throughout the years thank you truly appreciate it

  3. What is the name of Larry Johnson YouTube channel? I’m already subscribed to all of the other men of Yah on this impressive panel but not Larry’s and I would like to subscribe to his channel. Thank you to anyone who can answer this for me.

  4. I am so excited to see this collaboration of men that are on my channels discussing manhood! Should be interesting–just had to comment before I listen…Thank you for coming together!

  5. Great group talk and I enjoyed the truth u brothers are giving! My parents where hard on me but I appreciated my parents consistencies in there walk with the Most High! They trained me in the faith and in my darkest days those lessons of faith have carried me with the word of God that where hidden in my heart!

  6. Brother Larry don't give up on your baby girl whatever you do, we need more father's like you who want to step up and be there for our girl's..wonderful video thank you all men of Yah..

  7. It will be really nice to have a Live Panel for Womanhood. We need to learn from each other to take our families back to how our father Yahuah started it originally. Sisters, the ball is in your court.

  8. Loved this!..& love You all Brothers of TMH…I've been wondering for a good while, Why more channels of believers don't collaborate here in YT & I'm not surprised to see you ( TCA); Do just that 😁…I've watched Watchmen for awhile as well, possibly caught the other Brothers at times, I was a blessing. Praise TMH… We're coming together & the 1 chord is beginning to take shape! Makes my soul so Happy.. And it's happening in other places & channels. A beautiful thing seriously. Yah bless the buddy 🙏🏾 Shalom 🕊️


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