Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. When the slave trade took place four-hundred (400) years ago I didn’t realize that the slave catchers (sweet Europeans) kept the Negro Israelites together living among their own tribes on separate islands in the American hemisphere.

    Silly theory.

  2. All I know is that our people are scattered all over the planet, but we are still Israelites. There are plenty of black latinos, asians, etc that LOOK just like our people, so I don't know how others in those areas that lack melanin can be mistaken for Israelites. And the most recent transatlantic slave trade was not the only slave trade that scattered our folks. The transatlantic slave trade, the recent one, was the most significant because of Deut 28 and because it was the one where a group of us were completely separated from knowledge of who we are. Many Israelites who were scattered prior to this last slavery retained knowledge of who they were.

  3. He said The 12 tribes are black but the chart says the Indians are from the tribes. Brazil, Columbia and Mexico have black people who were slaves and Indians were slave owners

  4. Interracial Relationships will weaken Yah People and Gentiles know this and our People keep Falling for the Trap, Even Yah Continue to tell our People to Stop Doing this in The Bible/ Some of our People isn't going to make it Period.

  5. Now that the truth about the true people of Ysrael are coming out,. I see more stories on the political State Israel they putting it out in the media they're trying to convince people! but people better realize that there is an Awakening happening the Lord's people will be revealed to the world there will be no more hidden lies when the Lord gather his people and the Christians who believe in Christ Yeshua🙏

  6. Peace this is for the campianity
    Even John the Baptist had problem with such camps
    Matthew 3:7
    [7]But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees come to his baptism, he said unto them, O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?

  7. It really, really irritates me when the SOS tries to speak about our book. First of all, a Jew referred to an Israelite from the Tribe of Judah. Secondly, he said Moses said the Jews were a "priest of nations". What Moses said was Israel is a nation of priests.

  8. That's what I say, nah if you "John the Revelator" close the book and tell us, don't read it, cause you should already know if from the top your head! What forgot what you wrote? 😆

  9. If I'm hearing correctly, the Ish man is basically telling the plan they have/had, seems they are behind the 12 chart idea. And race mixing to help keep ppl confused as to who the real children of Israel are. This whole video is really something to think about.

    The white guy had a point, I've seen the similarities between many Asian and Mexican ppl, I've always wondered about that. There's a video of the fight The Corey Holcomb show between another bro and Comedian Aries Spears. Spears (though disrespectfully) refers to Corey's co host Dee, she identifies as a Latina woman, Spears says to her ( I'm paraphrasing) " You Latin , I thought you was Chinese ". I

    She's rapper turned actor Ice T's ex wife I believe. Shes one his old album cover holding the 12 gauge shot gun in a bikini. I always thought she was Asian. Its not about hating everyone else, its about the truth.

  10. Funny how you put the man as they revelator been John the beloved funny how he didn’t remember what was said to him, I’m trying to be funny. I don’t think you understand what a Mexican is, you put a video of a guy who believes there is Asian blood with Mexicans.
    Unfortunately you don’t know what a Mexican is, who had dominance over South Central and North America, the caucAsian and Asian
    There is no such thing as a Mexican Indian, Mestizó is a mix of Spanish, French, and Indian, depending on the region. Example Aztecs Mayans Incas various regions. When we were all scattered we arrived to the four corners of the earth before the transatlantic trade. If you look at Hydro glyph fix and images it’s not just black and white, the dirt is brown color, to find black dirt is one of the richest dirts on the planet. My point being the Abrahamic covenant
    Indicates like the dust of the earth we will be gathered for 1000 years of peace, I hope you’re with us, I hope you are not taken in the rapture to the sun that will burn the tears the first taken

  11. Something you don’t understand it’s easy to try to tear apart, how easy is it to understand that the children of the most high is like dust of the earth, 100% instead of coming together and proclaiming truth, like the devil spewing out lies and creating more division, you are separating yourself from the truth,.! Because of your lack of knowledge. Do a thorough research before you post ignorant collaborations which are frivolous and without facts., two dark people or if you want to say black people, can have offspring that are lighter complexion. Two white people cannot have a dark complected child hundred percent fact. If anyone thinks they are more than dirt they were created for a different purpose Entirely. No hard feelings, just truth and facts brother and sister

  12. First of all who are the 12 tribes of Israel is not the doctrine of Christ second of all in Deuteronomy it says we will not know who we are as a people I appreciate him at least trying to identify who are the 12 tribes of Israel. There's going to be some flaws but we know the northern tribe and the southern tribes went into captivity for over 400 years read Acts chapter 7 verse 6. Now when he say Columbia he's talking about the black in Columbia not all Colombians are from the tribe of Israel because you are who your father. Now we know the Mexicans we have white Mexicans and we have black Mexican the most high will sort all of this out when he comes. The doctrine is to keep the loss that you Commandments in the holy days that's what you should be focusing on if anybody feel like they are from the tribe of Israel this is what they need to be doing so when the Messiah come back they kept his commandment the doctrine is not wrong now the Twelve Tribes charts may have some flaws in them but remember what was the curse is in Deuteronomy 28 we are going to have some flaws we are just coming out of 400 years and try to figure out who is who but what we do know if the 12 tribes of Israel is not the Greeks and the Romans and always remember what the president of Egypt said in 1947 he knows who was in the land of Jerusalem they left Asian and black but they came back white they would never have peace in that land. Focus on the Commandments instead of you trying to come against the doctrine

  13. This is good for those who don't like to use critical thinking!!! The brother down played the chart, but didn't give any proof of his owne. Who is the so called black man today according to the Bible???

  14. I've been seeing for years that Asians and Mexican are virtually the same ppl. I have a friend who is Asian and ppl constantly mistake her for a Hispanic person to the point they literally will start speaking Spanish to her. Furthermore I have a Mexican friend who has a daughter who looks Asian and he looks a little Jackie chanish himself.

  15. It is my observation that the original Romans, Greeks, Atruscian, Etruscan s, French and literally all othe nations of people were the people who are referred to as black the or dark skin people the original ppl of earth until the inorganic ppl arrive the Hybrid races lead by the lease melanated one. That's why they all hate you they have been erasing you from history and maligning you perpetually I don't think its white against black I think it's inorganic against the organic they see you a leftovers from the old world.
    New world = Modern man = Hybrid man kind, human civilized
    Old world = original indigenous autohthonous dark man hueman uncivilized


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