Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. Truth smells sour like a cabbage😂
    You are being like Elijah! Laugh after them, call them out and praise YAH for his Ruach and for given you the boldness to speak up!@THOUGHTSCAMERAACTION

  2. I will say this, I've actually been in a cult in the early 80s Temple of Yahweh aka Temple of love
    I've known about our truth for the longest, But the leader was very corrupt, claiming to be the son of the most High, both of those elders on the video were my elders
    The ex football player and the guy doing the interview in the lavender and white suit was my elder also
    At the time I was only 11-12yrs old at the time, And I've seen a lot being there and been thru a lot as a child there, I've seen and touched Yahweh Ben Yahweh…Hullon Mitchell: he died in the 90s if I'm correct
    We had a temple on south Orange Avenue in Newark NJ, But he never spoke about Dueternomy at all.
    My Name was Malachi at the time.
    But I was taught the Hebrew prayer
    The avenu one the HAMASCHIAKs prayer and a few other things about the Hebrew language and the Aleph
    But I hated my time in Miami
    The temple is abandoned now
    It's on YouTube

  3. That man has a spirit on him because I watched about 3 or 4 videos and my spirit told me to leave them alone . My spirit was right!
    He has a siren spirit. I love 💕 TCA will keep listening too the truth and sharing. APTTMH 🙌🏾💕🙌🏾

  4. I don't find it strange at all that this man uses the word I so much if I didn't wake someone someone Someone So up you wouldn't be awake. I don't know about nobody else. The most high woke me up. I wouldn't have believed anyone if they came up and start telling me that way the people in the book. So if we didn't know that he was not about the Most Highs business we most certainly know now

  5. APTTMHY! Shabbat Shalom, mishpacha! For someone who doesn't know someone, Rawcaa or whatever his name is, sure knows a lot about TCA. He is a liar and there is no truth in him.

  6. The Most High uses some wicked to get your attention! I once followed them when I first started waking up! He led me to some truths! Then he became just noise that I could no longer listen!! He's stuck in self gratification! He's not in The Most High's truth! The Most High led me away from this false so called prophet! All praises to Hawah!

  7. I have been woke a little over a year and I have learned more talking with the Ruach. We desire to be in church groups because that is what we have always known. We are the the sanctuary each individual. The church was set up by the enemy and we gravitate to what we have always known. Lose that mentality and your growth will be enormous.

  8. Nuh worry yourself my youth expect deceivers n informers to get mad when the holy spirit is with you..everything you report you show solid proof..they 'CAN NOT" sway your supporters in the name of JESUS! 🙏

  9. TCA, you did the right thing. Extensive and factual apology. I think they've had more attention than they need, but now people know the truth and will do their research before they join they join their organization. Love what you do and love your research & teaching. For them who have ears to hear…

  10. U brut!!! 🤣 I don't know whether to burst out in a fit of laughter or crap meself with shitting!! Promoting straight hair blonde 🦁 lion jumper and black Slave maskEr. You terrible bad!

  11. I will formally say that if any camp that has a title gathering of Christ is a cult the title speaks volume let me explain the people will be gathering to Mount Zion to our Lord our God now let me compare The gathering of Christ coat when or where in the Torah does it say that we will gather to Christ ! Any camp or organization that puts a God next to the most high God of Israel is the organization of a cult. You should never have apologize for what you believe in brother ! Abraham our fore father never ever pray to Christ or a messiah Isaac never ever prayed to Christ or a Messiah Jacob never prayed to Christ or a Messiah starting to put the pieces together now the Roman Catholic Church 2000 year plus ago add it their God to our books an added a Christ crucified in the people in this timeline has not stop worshiping a pagan god add it to our holy books ! The most high God had his angels stop the sacrifice of Isaac by his father because he does not except human sacrifices so why would he sent his supposed only SON to die for the world for their sins where in Malachi‘s book God never changes ? Then the most high God said that I will never ever sacrifice a righteous person to save the world or anybody! The true worshipers of the most high God Israel are very few left on this planet that’s why very few will get into the kingdom we are a minority in numbers! Because we worship our creator and not creation which represents Christ crucified !

  12. Shalom Brother TCA
    We know gocc is paid agents. With that garbage doctoring, and besides that stiff neck idiot looks like he's DRUNK. You don't have to prove theses clowns are liing on you. They have no credibility. I want apologize for saying they are a CULT. Lol the apologies was funny.

  13. I am so hurt cuz I listen to this man every Wednesday and Saturday this really saddens my heart because he have a lot of people that's following his channel and he's Miss guiding them in the wrong direction I am so hurt off this

  14. I appreciate these videos..something wasn’t sitting right in my spirit with Elder Rawchaa..I used to tune in but I had this I stopped and here this video is recommended. Thank you.

  15. i have left a plea for elder rawchaa on his comments page for clarity and answers on all that has been revealed i.e. the following – "Instead of making derogatory comments about this supposed ''hater'' of yours, elder rawchaa, please just answer his and our queries i.e. why is the FAKE 12 tribes chart still being promoted? Please give some sort of logical answer to the comments of YOUR teachers ABBA BIVENS etc on that old 1990's video footage with ''Come on Danny, we know the chart aint true it's the hook to bring them in and then, we wire them up to the truth!" comments on the video shown on the brothers youtube channel and elsewhere on other channels now also.
    …SOO many of us out here are asking "gocc – WTH is going on?


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