It is impossible to keep all the laws in the land of captivity

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Comment (27)

  1. I believe what you are teaching alot of people are just being petty to the understanding of the laws instructions etc… it's things that I didn't understand but your videos have answered it and reading now I don't read the bible every day because I like reading when I'm watching your videos because I get a better understanding I'm thankful and grateful thank you

  2. 👁⭐🌛…In the Land of Captivity. WEAR BLACK EVERY DAY. It is like putting Lambs Blood over your doors so that ANCESTORS WRATH (God's Wrath) WILL PASS OVER YOU when KARMA Come down on the Kingdoms of Wickedness. They pass over you because you are in MOURNING. Why are you in MOURNING? Because you are NOT IN YOUR KINGDOM WHERE LAWS STATUTES COMMANDMENTS were issued. YOU CANNOT SERVE TWO MASTERS. The Law says MEN are NOT to lay down with Whores. Any woman who has been in more than one Relationship with Man, receiving the Soul of Many men, transfers those energies (Souls) to every man she lay with & that man becomes LEGION. If he lays with another woman, he makes that woman LEGION. How is a Righteous son of YaH the most High supposed to stop that cycle in a Kingdom like Mystery Babylon that is full of Harlots???

  3. Remember guys even Gods chosen were sinners and still sinned after but The Lord still had favor upon them .u r not beyond His hand or His love

  4. I find it hard to believe that there's black people that here's the truth and then ask dmn dumb stupid as question's the 😈 ish folks are so ignorant it makes my blood pressure go up people brother and sisters think before you ask spiritual messagers some of dumb as question's forgive my I got a little bit carried away may yahusa forgive my anger halleluyah shalom

  5. I trust you two If there is something new to me that you mention I will pretty much absorb the info, research it or wait for affirmation, and affirmation will come Even do, I like your fresh video's.

  6. Jeremiah 17:5- Thus says the Lord, “Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind And makes flesh his strength, And whose heart turns away from the Lord.

  7. A very informative video concerning Father Yah Instructions! Thank You Brother Watchman and Sister Deborah, a Great Teaching, Praise Yah!!!❤

  8. I always keep up with all your teachings and their are going to be people who have always teu stopping the word of TMH YAH YAH from coming out or will pull some away. I follow TMH YAH and you all are being use for his purpose. Keep spreading love family we support you

  9. So what about the sabbath? I know most say it's Saturday, but how do we know that's the 7th day? We're operating on the heathen calendar.

  10. You have truly simplified "the laws" and we cannot uphold all of them. Thank Yah for his "grace" which we are not deserving of because many of us keep "crucifying him to the stake" everyday because of our "sins" and then expect Yah to forgive us over and over and over. Ten simple laws we find so hard to uphold. Yah have mercy. Grateful for this teaching, the time you both take to impart this knowledge. I truly do appreciate.

  11. alot of the times I re watch videos to get to understand it properl loads of times I miss parts and miss understand parts a great student always goes back to check there research to become a great student

  12. Unfortunately when you are teachers there is always pushback from people who either do not read or rely on their own understanding. I was just going through the messages and saw that some people are pedantic and pick up the most silly things to correct . It’s absurd that people do not want to be taught – such a slave mentality


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