Italy vs Greece Military Power Comparison 2022 | Greece vs Italy Power Comparison 2022

Italy vs Greece Military Power Comparison 2022 covers all major parameters to compare Greece vs Italy Power Comparison 2022 here Italian air force vs greece air force or hellenic air force hellenic navy vs italian navy comparison along with Italian army vs hellenic army comparison is done in detail with almost all parameters from army air force and navy after watching this Italy vs greece military power comparison 2022 you will get to know about how powerful is Italy military power 2022 also how powerful is greece military power 2022 is also discussed one can also derive who is the most powerful country between Italy and greece on paper only as this video is only for educational purposes only

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  1. Greece have 200,000 aktiv Personen and 424,500 total Military the Budget ist 11,5billion. I'm from grecce. 💪🇬🇷

  2. support Italy 🇮🇹 and Greece 🇬🇷 from Malaysia 🇲🇾 and Indonesia 🇮🇩❤️🇮🇹🇬🇷

  3. Love and Support Italy from Germany! 🇩🇪😊💖🇮🇹
    Respect Greece, just pay your debts, we are the reason why your country still exists! 🇩🇪🤝🇬🇷

  4. Both are my favorite countries and calture but if i have to decide between them i support greece 🇬🇷 not roman
    Love from iran 🇮🇷 forget about 300 spartan

  5. One i doubt it will ever happen but tell me paisans do you think with the way the whole world has turned out Empedocles the philosopher and Aristotle the philosopher when they came up with the theory on the atom that this is what makes matter, they did the right thing I mean well I know its not their fault with how the world has turned out because children you know they not listen do they.

  6. Honestly speaking Greece claps a lot of countries in Europe in military, we're place 27 just because of our economy. If you don't believe me that we literally clap on them go open GFP (global fire power and compare Greece's military with like UK or Germany) you will see we literally have way better military. Greece deserves at least top 15 in the world if not top 10. Also we got the best pilots and captains in NATO and in the world. Nevertheless I love Italy!


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