Its Right In Front of You(Hidden Agenda):Nicholson1968

Special thanks to ODD for bringing this video to my attention!
Here’s the full animation (MUST SEE) –
IN-SHADOW – A Modern Odyssey – Animated Short Film:…
Music By K-Rino: Hidden Agenda
Lyrics Found here:
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  1. Nicholson1968: Brother, Truly a Masterpiece!! Shared this to Twitter and pray it goes viral!! This is absolutely stunning, hard hitting RedPilling with a nice beat!! Love Love Love it Brother! Keep up the fantastic vids/content!! You are a Hard Core TruthWarrior and we need more just like you out there rising their voices right beside you.
    Makes you a #Warrior2TheBone in my book!
    God Bless you mightily,

    Pamela Olson
    Founder SaveOurChildren

  2. My brother you have done it again. That was an amazing video and rap. The. Father has blessed you with an incredible talent. I hope you put out more soon.

  3. Nicholson1968 I was wondering if it is OK with you if I translate the lyrics into Arabic. I'm a certified freelance translator and I would love to deliver the message in the lyrics to a new audience. Somehow the message resonates faster when it comes in a musical form

  4. Brilliant video. Thank you. I wish to God that people would wake from their deep slumbers. We are in terrible danger from these evil rulers. We need masses of people to rise up and take back the reins. Why are people still sleepy and docile. There are only a minority that have awoken and it’s still not enough. It’s so hard to get them out of fantasyland,so dam hard.


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