It's the people stupid! | Ida Auken | TEDxHousesofParliament

Ida Auken is the former Minister for the Environment in Demark. In her talk she gives a fascinating insight into how to win back people’s faith in democracy and government by looking to novel methods and role models.

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  1. Dangerous social engineer determined to impose her view of the beautiuful society by way of compulsion and physical force. The utopic society she envisions is not in any way intended to be voluntary. At every stage it is to be planned, engineered, imposed, and enforced by the state who have consolidated all powers to itself. Ida and others like her will reside in their ivory towers serving as architects and overseers so that you WILL comply… all of you.

  2. Can someone please explain to me why everybody hates Ida in the comments? I watched the video as well and found the speech unnecessary. Politicians trying to win people back etc. This can be maybe achieved on an individual level like the way Jacinda Ardern won the hearts of New Zealanders but we cannot extrapolate this and say the politicians of New Zealand won back their public. However, I still do not understand the backlash towards Ida Auken, what am I missing?

  3. The problem is is that Gov and Corporations think they know best. Absurd. Your the cancers to this planet. Weather weapons, weaponize everything you can which will assure your own destruction


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