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India’s external affairs minister S Jaishankar on Wednesday said that human rights issue was not a topic of discussion. During the India-US 2+2 meeting this week he asserted that whenever there is a discussion the Indian government will not think twice about voicing its own opinion.

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Comment (35)

  1. I can see our new Prime minister Mr.Jaishankar.The way he speaks and think that's great.even wion journalism is so mannerism.

  2. This is like someone kissed your left cheek but slapped your right cheek right away, typical American way which is quite humiliating.

  3. US and the west has to stop lecturing other countries about human rights and take care of their own domestic human rights records.

  4. india forever with their Bollywood and always the pot calling the kettle black. and india is already black 😈

  5. hahaha.. now India also has human rights issues like China just because they are not toeing the line with the US and the West? Now we know the West's hidden agenda…with their human rights claims and real abuses on India, China, Russia or any countries that do not follow the wishes of the US.

  6. India is violating human rights since 1947… its acting as a terrorist state for minorities and human rights groups

  7. Blinken could not blink when cool Jaishankar softly landed the human rights torpedo in white man's pant 🗼

  8. Mr Blinken, just look at your back if you have cleaned your shitt well. Look at your country on the many racial issues there. When Obama became the president there were many questioning about the legacy of his citizenship. Just because he is black. And also the bomb9ngs of hospitals and public places in Iraq. Your country has violated on human rights the most , that goes to your ally countries also. So clean your backside first, it smells.

  9. Austin came to India growling like a bull dog. Not sure what they fed him during 2+2, he went back like a poodle.

  10. Jaidankar, have you got anything to say about the RSS-Mody sponsored violence in BIMARU, Delhi and Karnataka?

  11. India is like a big elephant 🐘 you can not push back him😎 and if you try to hit him it will hit you back harder😎

  12. India is a logical conundrum.
    It's people want so badly to be seen as equal to America.
    But does it take warning from America's experience?
    No. It allows selfish and self centered politicians to hold the population in squalor while they try to emulate Western corruption. Super rich, or super poor.
    India will never even see the type of rise America enjoyed during the first half of the 20th century, though it is India's right at his point in history. America spread it's wealth among the population, to create the country we enjoy today.
    There is NO ATTEMPT at sharing equality in India. The politicians play on the ancient mindset that places the squalor on the shoulders of the sufferer. The caste system – this is your place in life, do not attempt to exceed your ceiling. Karma – you should have lived differently last time.
    It's Elites and peasants, Western style, and India accepts it as a mark of it's success.
    While the people still urinate in public on the streets.
    While girl children are sold and traded like property.
    While acquiring a basic education for children causes financial hardship for families.
    India, you are taking pictures on your smartphone of barefooted children living in houses with dirt floors, who lack nutrition and health care.
    What are you thinking?
    Ego is misplaced. Do better.

  13. U should talk to that crazy woman the professed she knows everything & trouble in Xin Xian. She goes wobble wobble & gabble gabble like an old woman.

  14. Americans think their nose is big enough to enter everywhere….. but the answer is we know by a small return punch to stay where you are ….. that is our EAM… great you are Sir

  15. India and USA must always remain friends. But the big brother attitude does not augur well and must be stopped immediately.

  16. Indian American and African American community are echo same thing and agree with EAM Dr. S Jaishankar. India also monitoring black lives matter developments in USA and urge our US partner to stick to values of not discriminating individuals on basis of skin color. We expect should develop bias free living environment in USA.
    After all every humans are from same planet not aliens right!

  17. Blinken is as idiotic as Biden. He's a NWO cronie,just like his demented boss..and himself slowly losing it too!

  18. Yes and we should share them.
    Lockdowns, mandates, restrictions, health passports and censorship = a living hell.

    They are ravaging our economies, livelihood, ability to fellowship and exchange ideas. They are in fact leading to large scale physical, spiritual and psychological death.

    No threat in the world is EVER worth that.

    Vote wisely. Vote that out FOREVER.

    Reference Shanghai (and there are surely other cities experiencing the same fate in China).

    Let’s all wake up and smell the nightmare dystopian globalist totalitarianism shall we???


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