Jay-Z/NFL Give $200K To charity Nonprofit Found Cutting Dreadlocks Off Teens “for a better life”

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JAY-Z and NFL donates $200,000 each from Meek Mill and Rapsody on behalf of the Inspire Change Initiative to The Crushers Club (ceo) Sally Hazelgrove, who has cut the hair of black children “for a better life” and crushers has tweeted “All Lives Matter” Police being vilified is a reason for Black deaths in the community and says Trump is needed.

The rebel T-shirt she is wearing reminds of the suffrages (feminist) latest t-shirt “I’d rather be a rebel than a slave” research it and see.

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  2. If Jay – Z and i were walking down the street, how would anybody knew which one of us were grown up in a single family home by just looking at us?, so for Jay – Z to blame police brutally on black men who grew us in single family home is bullshit, there are lots of white men who grew up in single family home too, but we are not seeing the same action taken against them although they are more likely to show more aggressions against police than black men, because they know police are not quick to shoot them.

  3. This is sad how much Jay Z has sold us out, he has been doing and saying things against his own People lately, It’s obvious it’s time for Jay Z to pay up to the People he’s working for.

  4. Sean Carter, race hustling and herding for the man, just as the elders warned against.
    "Show me in the white community where a comedian is a white leader…show me in the white community where a singer is a white leader…or a dancer or a trumpet player…these aren't leaders, these are puppets and clowns, that have been set up over the (sic) black community!!" – Malcolm X

  5. Makes you wonder…they SPECIFICALLY are targeting Chicago (largest demographic of Judah in the country, look it up) where LOCS are a staple for our people, at the END of the 400 year captivity. Makes you ponder, what do THEY (powers that be) KNOW about the POWER in our wooley, BEAUTIFUL, locs that they are trying to STOP! ISRAELITE, STAND UP! Wake Up…if only our people KNEW who we are and WHY our enemies are going to these lengths! Praise Yah…..I feel a shift of power happening!

  6. JAY-Z IS FULL OF IT!! Just a lost black man with temporary wealth Those who made him is getting ready to break him. look at Bill Crosby. A misguided weak black man who's God is wealth and power.

  7. I knew he was trouble when he acquired Tibal and I didn't see a single black person in the staff photo. He has been against the black community for years. No surprises here. This country wants blacks eradicated and Jay-Z is just doing his part to assist.

  8. Have you noticed that when we make our own (black wall street), they burn it down. When we try to integrate, they object (Brown vs Board of Education). And when we try to leave or recreate our own (ADOS), they call us divisive and racist for not wanting to be around them. These people are bipolar on a good and raving schizophrenic lunatics on a bad day. Come up out of them.

  9. Why didn't those white women cut their own hair to inspire change for themselves… who told that dude dreadlock is synonym to Gangbang… cutting your hair dont guarantee you a better life… you have gotta study, work, create etc… instead of teaching them how you can get money maybe through forex, property or even starting factory teaching them some manual skills as they work maybe carpentry , plumbing etc…they telling u cut your hair, the problem has been on you all along…oh well damn, I guess gangbangers with already short hair are doomed, since their hair short already, none to cut off, so I guess they cant inspire change…nonsense!

  10. This is insane that our people are coming in and allowing them to cut their hair. What does wearing dreads have to do with gang banging. Why are our natural hairstyles being demonized?!?! They did the same thing with the AFRO in the 60s and 70s, demonizing and politicizing our natural hair, self and identities!!!

  11. White men have been letting their beards grow as of late as some statement to their masculinity, but black men with locks is a problem! I am all for being well-groomed and I do not associate locks themselves with a lack of proper grooming, quite the opposite. Even Pookie and Ray-Ray in the hood with keep a fresh fade, WTF does this have to do with anything but playing to whites insecurities about black male masculinity!

  12. As we know often times these people know things about is that we have no idea about because of the indoctrination. I am convinced that there is a certain power in our hair! There is a reason why our hair is the way that it is. There is a reason why there’s is the way that it is. Ours stands up where is there’s lays down. People in authority to stand out. The people who are subservient I had to bow down. I did not know that those scriptures were in the Bible about our hair. Thank you for this information. May the most high bless you

  13. Anybody who cuts off their WOOLY HAIR whether it is in Locks or not just so they can donate it to a charity- is just plain Stupid- but I say GO AHEAD because you are just part of of the 2/3 that's not gonna make it into the kingdom anyways. In fact, you are helping out with the weeding out process that TMH YAH declared in scripture ( zech 13:8)- So Good Riddance you Idiots !!!!

    Our WOOLY HAIR was divinely designed by YAH. It was designed to insulate us from the hot, hot sun rays and it also locks in moisture etc.

    Our Hair is the most versatile hair on Earth – we can Braid, Twist, straighten, Afro it and Lock it- but other nations can't roll like us.

    WOOLY HAIR is Dominate hair?
    Dominate means powerful, most important or influential

    However, Recessive Hair which is Straight hair means weak, ineffective, impotent and inferior. Recessive hair is the opposite/antonym of Dominate Hair
    Don't belive me – Google it..!!

    ( Yes, we have the Creator's hair so what can be more Awesome than that)?
    Look it up in scripture- ( dan 7:9 and Rev 1:14)

    So you want to cut your beautiful, Strong, Powerful and Influential hair for charity? Are you serious? ??
    Are you gonna keep giving up your heritage and birthright? ?? And you're not getting a darn thing in return. ….OK NOW THAT'S DUMB!!

    WAKE UP- Hebrew Isrealites -Wake Up!! You have been Comatose too long. …….

    P.S. Let's see if the sell out jay- z will cut off his hair?

    What's next cut off body parts and donate that too???


  14. Sorry, I read the title to this video and thought that our Hebrew Isrealites were cutting off their locks to donate to charity. I was utterly enraged before I had a chance to view the entire video and do a little more investigation before offering my opinion.

    I Laviyah, stated in my previous comment – that anybody who cuts their hair whether its in Locks or not to donate to charity is just plain Stupid…..However that wasnt the case here .

    At any rate, I still stand by message in my previous comment on the uniqueness and advantages of our WOOLY HAIR that was designed by TMHYAH that insulates us from sun rays and locks in moisture.

    It dawned on me that the charity called "CRUSHERS " could be operating in the Isrealites community to CRUSH our people's spirit. ( We must stop being so trusting- everybody coming around us doesn't mean they are for us).

    If that young brother wanted his locks cut off- Chicago has a slew of barbershops nearby who could hook him up- or a relative in their kitchen salon could' ve lend him a hand or as a last resort, he could grab some scissors and cut the locks himself.

    I recall how I use to always tell my co- workers from other nations at my job ," DO NOT TOUCH MY HAIR" ( they always wanted to feel our hair). In fact, there was this one eurochick who had to touch a 3 month old Isrealite baby girl's hair at a company picnic and she was shocked that the baby's hair was soft. Please Keep them people out of our hair.

    Remember our WOOLY HAIR is Dominant which means Powerful, most important and influential .

    The opposite is Recessive hair which is straight hair meaning ineffective, impotent, weak
    ( just saying) So stop envying it..

    We have the same Hair of our God Yah ( dan 7:9. & Rev 1: 14)
    What can be more Awesome than that!!


  15. When we wear our locks like…..Samson like David…… salmon…. remember they ALL of what our written history a.ka. …..b.i.b.l.e all of it they are afraid The Bible is been fullfil

  16. I'm sorry but you're missing the point. Celebrity charities are nothing more than scams. A way to fence money and to hide it as non taxable income. Colin and Jay-Z are nothing more than scam artists and masons (why do you think Colin got a deal with Nike a company that historically is known for it's mistreatment of so called black and brown people). Just like this police vs so called black people bs. Keep calling yourself black and they'll keep treating you like you're black. A lot of these shootings are faked to invoke outrage. The same way these news reports are used also. People it's called controlled opposition, please look it up.


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