JediYAH Melek: calling Deborah a Jezebel? Dog face, disrespectful Hebrew Israelite!

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  1. Dang, don't we have enough against us. This Jeddiyah(?) Is totally disrepectal. I notice he teaches with a slight bias that I have disregarded till now . And I will unsubscribe from his channel today. Whew Watchman, just heard the end of your video saying you will let Yah be the judge. Everytime I have had to say that to my husband to just end a difference if I know I have done no wrong; stuff happens. Not tragic of course but enough to let a person know the truth of it. I would advise that Jeddiyah guy to repent. Cause Yah don't play especially with those in possitiins of spiritual leadership. He holds you all to a higher standard.

  2. P.S. tell sister Deborah, I and others both love and respect her ,. Her viewpoints, her intellect and staminain. She is a jewel, a treasure in an earthen vessel with a price beyond rubies…shalom!

  3. Shalom!  Yall two cannot being doing this:  Watchmen Reports and Jediyah Melek are my two Hebrew Isrealites ministries. PERIOD!!!! this video is less than 7 min.  I have to see this out.  I have watched some of these whited out vids.  They are most informative.  I knew a little, but I learned a whole lot.  Yall two gotta cut this out.  A lot of the awakened is hanging in the balance between melek and Yahu.  Yall my elders. Man, ima have to pray about this.  It aint nothing but that damned sluefoot, damned to eternal fire.

  4. Wow. His spirit is ugly and I'm happy he showed his spirit so I don't have to even test that brother.

  5. I am appalled….that is so disrespectful… It is so blatantly ignorant and such a false labeling I am embarrassed for a tongue speaking such foolery. I applaud the way you addressed this. Only the Jezebelle spirit itself would display what He did and how he chose to do so. May no weapon formed against You or Your Family Prosper!!!!

  6. I love you guys!!!🥰💙 I just wanted to give u guys some love on today.
    Thanks for everything..You guys have taught me a lot. I’ve learned so so much from the both of you guys….stay encouraged and uplifted. May Yah bless your family 💙😘

  7. Bro Yahu, if YAH be the judge, Jediyah has already been condemned. He is very wrong by doing what he did instead of discussing with you first. All praise be to YAH, The Most High!!!

  8.!! that was so very disrespectful!! And totally evil! which only comes from the devil! himself..but I do pray that he will repent to Yah! and pray he also ask for y'all to forgive him too! Cause she a good woman of Yah!!!.a true daughter of The Most High!!..and we need to stop hurting each other and unite as a people!! I just pray that Yah! continues to blessing you and your beautiful!!! family because y'all or on the right path…and the enemy is always busy!..but we have the victory already in The Most High and sing that song (Don't let the devil steal your joy!!)… Shalom😊

  9. How dare we talk to one another in an uncouth way, when Yahusha told us to love one another! Bro Watchman, l love the way you have handle this matter. Just looking at some of JediYah's teaching on multiple wives, he might just end-up with the Jezebel he's taking about. I prayed for us, because l am amazed at some of these doctrines out there; the false prophets. To come face to face with the truth and reject the truth, it is a serous matter! Shalom Brethren and Sisterins

  10. Oh my god, this has really made me mad. How they gone say that. And to apologize for that. The tongue is very dangerous. And by researching him he's a hater 😂

  11. The bible said we should let our light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify our Father in Heaven. I rest my case.

  12. My brother I never liked JediYah Melek he's a snake In the grass all he do is race bait and he is full of pride!!!

  13. This need to stop being on Facebook!
    He was wrong!!!
    Don't join him by continuing this family feud 😠 ABA is not pleased

  14. These imposters just make our people look bad.Even my brother think me & these guys are birds of a feather !

  15. I am new to your channel. I saw the video and you are right. My sister said it over and over that she was not against who she was as one of Yah's people. I am with you. Those camps that I have seen, I don't like

  16. Watchman. I have much love for you and your wife. Time is short and time is if the essence. Please don't get caught up with these jealous wicked people that display the exact behavior of the enemy of Yah. They are wolves that think they are covered in sheep clothing. They are spiritually exposed and are trying to distract the masses from the truth Yah brings through your ministry. This is the kind of people that didn't stop until they crucified our very own Yeshuah. Remember, only with your eyes, shall you behold and see the reward of the wicked. Everyone from the first exodus didn't make it into the promise land. Keep working for the Most High. Do not let these devils distract you. You know you are on the right track when the enemy gets mad and launch an attack like this. But greater is He that is in you, than he that's in the world. Shalom

  17. Just waiting for the site to stop buffering ad after ad after ad; I thought; We know that Deborah Yah, if anything is an Esther to our people today; YAH'S people LOVE her; who cares what reprobates think or say; this person sounds sick; and sickeningly stupid; he's got to be a reprobate unable to receive YAH'S TRUTH! Much LOVE for you Deborah YAH!!!


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