Jeff Rense & David Icke – The Transhumanist Agenda Revealed

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Clip from August 29, 2016 – guest David Icke on the Jeff Rense Program. Full program available in Archives at

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  1. mixing the iron with clay. men will long for death but death will elude them. those that try & save their life shall lose it. u must be of water & spirit to enter the kingdom of heaven. nothing new under the sun. this technology has been here b4 the genome corruption was in the days of Noah in the days of Pharaohs Jesus's blood on the mercy seat 23 & Y chromosomes life is in the blood. 💖🙏

  2. Sure evil is a force, its here, its what holds yas on the earth.  Its what holds the universe in place, God had to do something with evil. God is also a force, a DC current.  Its pushes you away form it in freedom while evil pulls you towards it in slavery.  So what do you think these purported social programs are?  Hmm? Its a tool of human destruction and a podium for the damned to insult, to harass and to attack their enemy,  know what they conceive their enemy?  INTELLIGENCE!!! The sooner you guys come to terms with this the better off you'll be.  I mean, come on, surely you've seen it.  Its a podium for evil and to attack intelligence and make it feel bad about themselves as to put it in a state of confusion so they will be loath to comment or afraid to express reason or logic, BECASUE EVIL HAS NEITHER.   Short and indifferent speech, what does that create guys, it creates hostility, indifference, narcissism.  These programs are NOT "social programs bringing people together, SNAP OUTTA IT, , it serves as spyware, its detects their threats and enemies, intelligence, which they then go after, its literally attacking people, its the obscene evil that has us by the sort and curlies because so damn scared of being prejudice we refuse to make a distinction to discern it and/or defeat it. .  Come to terms with it.  Evil  are NOT as we.  THEY ARE NOT AS WE.  2,000 years ago they shook their fist at Jesus and proclaimed themselves children of Abraham.  A man, a mortal. so, God, a tremendous force took back what he gave every living being,–  a soul.  They are creating a society just like themselves, cold, indifferent, in rage, in separation, in isolation, in fear, in ignorance wanting and war, the cut off of relationships between a man and woman to break down any unity or family sturcture, to promot homosexuality, and abortion to stop the progress of a race.  Yeah, its pretty scary stuff. But its worse because you guys for some reason DO NOT WANT TO SEE IT THAT WAY.  HEY, ITS WHAT I GOT. BELIEVE IT. YOU CAN RELY ON IT.  But the good thing is with all the corruption and its the entire world, those corrupted  still have souls and still believe in God but to dismiss evil, is a mistake, evil is a force, a tremendous force, not as storng as God's, Guys, remember we're talking energies here, hah?  Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, God had to do something with evil to stymie and limit its force so its as an AC current.  There is no artificial intelligence, THE GODLESS HAVE NO INTELLIGENCE THEY CAN HOWEVER LEARN THROUGH MEMORY AND THAT IS WHAT THEY DO.  BUT THEY HAVE NO INTELLIGNCE WHAT THE THEY DO, IS ISOLATE THEMSELVES FROM SOCIETY, STUDY LANGUAGE,  MONEY, SOCIALSTRUCTURE,  WIT, AND CHARM, THEY HAVE ALSO ADAPTED ZIONISM AND KABALA and we, the full of ourselves innocent unsuspecting  children of God, don't even notice.  Then evil gets strong as it has now and God has to do send in his army, to wake the people up but man I tell ya, its been like raising the dead.  The evil force has grown stronger, the rays of the sun more powerful, the earth's core is in geopardy of expanding — see 2012 the movie.  which was soft core.  What Humans are fighting today is not each other, this war is a war between GOOD AND EVIL Bottom line, sorry, its what I got.  The sooner you realize this the better chnce your grandchildren will have to win the battle and save the earth.  ITS NOT AS CRAZY AS IT SOUNDS.

  3. The force driving transhumanism isn't some mysterious evil force out to get us. It's literally just innovation and the human drive for improvement. The same forces that caused people to harness fire and make spears and traps. This entire paranoid theory falls apart when you realize that.

  4. I am near Silicon Valley and I will tell you the creators of this technology do not allow their kids to even own or use it. Their kids go to a Montessori school where they learn to read through knitting. They are planting food at school and spending much of the day outside learning. They know what this stuff does to them, they refuse to let their kids near it.
    I met a guy who was an Egyptologist and I asked him 10 yrs ago, are we witnessing the rise of the antichrist now? He said "No the antichrist is the post human era, the robots." They are destroying Gods creation.
    Smash technology!

  5. A
    I artifical intelligence?= Noetic Science . our minds are amazing. learn to use ur intuitions . I even had doubt in David Icke in the early 90, & have even commented maybe his child's dropped him an Acid. but now he speaks a lot of Truth. learn ur history .

  6. NANOTECH is being injected into human beings unexpectedly and being controlled by quantum computers. when no one talks about the obvious (divide and conquer) then that's the missing puzzle piece) nanotech injected into an artery. like at a dentist. then controlled by scalar waves (portable) to wifi towers (special military grade equipment, or directly into the electromagnetic earth or gwen towers them to a quantum computer near you, then to a harp facility then to a particle accelerator. then you got the earth being a Nazi bell. accelerator being the bottom. the earth and the top being haarp combined with satellites and you got humans controlled in an aether plastic bubble of earth. connected to the beast. once they get led wifi through the power grid then they'll monitor everyone through rfid.  not monoatomic gold like in a gene gun for genetic abberations. it could be in chemtrails but NANOTECH is the main puzzle piece. and it makes me wonder about you folks. remember morphius being injected by the smiths?  nanotech. its a giza death star. this took me five years straight, because esp. in fringe radio being also controlled, its divide ,confuse and conquer. TRUST NO ONE>

  7. How high do you have to be to understand any of this? Some writer predicts the future decades ahead of his time sure. Why not make the whole subject about that, though it goes on and on about how technology is destroying and degrading us.

  8. Living, free-will, powerful, eternal Connection: John 14:23  Jesus answered him, "If a man loves me, he will keep my word. My Father will love him, and we will come to him, and make our home with him.

  9. See also, Magnus Olsson: Artificial crystals in Magnus' blood are Transhumanist remote neural control weapon. It is here. The only refuge is the blood of Jesus. It is too late to stop it, too secret, too much powerful technology. Worship Christ in spirit and in truth, repent and be saved. We're there, guys.

  10. No thank you I just went to his web page talk about demon loving libtards and one who just adores killary rotten hildabeast! I'm sure we've seen his photo somewhere in the crying libtards.


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