Joe Rogan Experience #1558 – Tristan Harris

Called the “closest thing Silicon Valley has to a conscience,” by The Atlantic magazine, Tristan Harris spent three years as a Google Design Ethicist developing a framework for how technology should “ethically” steer the thoughts and actions of billions of people from screens. He is now co-founder & president of the Center for Humane Technology, whose mission is to reverse ‘human downgrading’ and re-align technology with humanity. Additionally, he is co-host of the Center for Humane Technology’s Your Undivided Attention podcast with co-founder Aza Raskin.

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  1. We start saying we should put money in a pot via subscription, and my mind immediately just jumps to a tax on the advertisers themselves. The market is huge, so like a sales tax specific for online advertising that could then have "tax breaks" for videos that can prove their social worth. So a content creator could basically say "HEY! My channel produces mainly educational content. Or Health content, or is using a 'use' oriented algorithm for its ads!" and get a tax break for any advertisers that advertise on their videos. This creates a natural incentive for more productive and useful information creators, as well as an incentive for companies to direct attention towards content that has those better profit margins on their ad profits. This would likely need to start very small and specific, and easily applied for. Say educational or health based videos get a 2% tax on ads instead of 5%. This creates an active trend towards the things that we vote for via government. Ideally of course you would keep the government out of it and each marketplace or platform would instead host an easy user vote regarding which types of videos matter, which maybe a few ad free content time blocks as a reward for the response. It could be very light and still very successfully reduce the success-fullness of projects that rely on mass production of accounts and creations to influence things, since they would need to apply for this "tag" for Every, Single, Account.

  2. May the Lord Jesus Christ enter the hearts and souls and especially the minds of humanity and wake them up to the spiritual play on earth. We are much bigger than this body travelling through on earth. Our spirit is eternal our body is not.

  3. Very interesting video.
    But Tristan Harris is very skewed. So Bolsanaro "wipes out Amazon", really? And didn't he hear that in Myanmar it was a false flag attack? And OK so take down QAnon – but keeping BLM and Antifa!!??

  4. Tristan is a Modern Day Hero. Wow!!! He has literally changed my life and answered many of the questions I have had for a long time. On then other side… this is very scary where we are as a people today.

  5. A chrome/edge extension called "Unhook" will disable discovery and recommended stuff. so you go to youtube to watch what you were after, not what google suggests you to

  6. Sorry to say that the Bolsonaro part is fake news from your part as well. he did not wipe down the Amazonas and definitely did not get elected by fake news… people show up on the streets for him as well. please do your research before speaking about things you are not totally aware of. everything else is good information. Thank you

  7. This guy's raising great points, but shame he's a leftist who buys into the Trump Russia conspiracy. Russia can't change the governments in the extremely weak former Soviet states of Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan etc. You think they have the slightest influence over the most powerful country in the world? through memes?? But few Westerners understand this context and they don't understand how idiotic it sounds to the rest of us.

  8. Listen to what you're saying. You want to prevent people from being able to reach a point where they can't control themselves. To prevent companies from vying for your attention.

    "With thunderous applause."

  9. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
    But I don't believe Google itself really ever had good intentions.
    Some employees sure but the upper echelon no evil seems like their thing.

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  11. So glad Joe said something about hearing the wheezing sound, I had paused the video to try and figure out what it was and where it came from, and I had to check myself each time it caught my attention

  12. I am sorry: the president of Brazil is not wiping out of Amazon. Nothing is happening… we, in Brazil, preserve most part of Amazon (more than 80%). Tristan is spreading misinformation!

  13. Frank Herbert's Dune was an interesting read. The theme of humanity basically abolishing AI and replacing with human computers (called mentats) because the problems it caused their civilization. “Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.”

    Kind of funny that idea to read it came to me only a few months before the actual movie reboot came out, I never even heard about it until some time after the movie was out.


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