JOMO: A new philosophy of switching off and disconnecting from social media | WION

Have you heard of the term FOMO, which is the fear of missing out? We’ve all experienced it, in the age of social media undue pressure to be a part of pop culture references and trends but now there’s an antidote to all of it. Find out how!

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Comment (48)

  1. I can't leave FOMO because I don't use social medias. YouTube is my only addiction but I've slowly cut it down to only motivatinal and useful channels 🙂

  2. I don't have fb or insta or other social accounts . I just hv utube and I didn't feel deprived I mean never . and literally I used to work in my garden chickens and that house hold stuff I m 24 and I love to be in nature instead of this fomo .

  3. I use only youtube for my entertainment and whatsapp for general purpose. This is good for my mentle sanity .Bcz this social media brings up comparison and sort of demotivates you 🤗🤗🤗

  4. Istarted JOMO when my wife left me 2018,and this is the SWEETEST LIFE I EVER HAD SINCE I WAS BORN;[on a lighter note] our first kenyan president was called JOMO,WE ALSO have a swahili song in kenya about this jomo saying MAISHA NI YANGU,[my life is my life,no one will tell me what to do with it].

  5. I have been JOMOing for years.
    The best feature on my mobile phone is the 'Off' switch.

    Long before smart phones, back in the mists of time, I used to pull the cord of my landline phone out of the wall plug.
    To the people trying to call me it, would seem as if my phone was wringing and just assume I was out.
    But I could blissfully — hear nothing but crickets.

  6. I use social media only to get information as what's happening. Not for self promotion or connecting with friends.

  7. back in the friendster/myspace days, thats where I stopped. Glad I didn't jump in the whole social media bandwagon.

  8. Well I deleted Fb and Insta some years ago and felt better since then.
    Now it has a name- nice to feel JOMO.

  9. Been doing this for years, I hate following trend bcoz my likes & comforts are my priority than impressing others, some people want to show off that they are updated about the trend like movies, music, dress, hair style… Just to impress others trying to be something else than being themselves.

  10. I go to the park every day with my dogs and every day there are more people than not straring at their phones never once looking up to enjoy nature…
    Kinda sad.
    Yes, as stated the best thing about my cell is the do not disturb mode… off switch.

  11. I do that alot- just disappear for three months straight. Then may be use to put the memory photos back in fb or insta. Then disappear again 😂. Sometimes, For 6 months or so. Its so much peace without all such distractions, my productivity increased x10000- practicing this since 4 years ! 😎 . I usually see people always pretending so busy with their phones- but all they do is scroll! 🤣

  12. Long live RUSSIA and INDIA and ASIA and MIDDLE EAST the New world order Leader's has been taken by the East ERA 💯🤘🏽🙏🏽✌🏽👍🏿

  13. I quit Facebook 1 year ago. The click bait adds and all the trash content in the timeline besides friend's photos became unbearable to constantly scroll/skip/filter.

  14. Haven't checked FB in 2 years. Never been on instagram. Rarely check family/friends whatsapp groups. Super peaceful.

  15. When people are so compulsive, switching off phone will lead to another compulsion… Main thing is compulsive behaviour. And when something's compulsive it's anything but a human being… 😌

  16. JOMOing for a few years now. Only YouTube for study related stuff and proper news and nothing else. I was about to comment this but then I saw other comments like this. So good to see so many people understand the value of real life joy and practice it.


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