Judgment is in the Land: Suspect In A ttack On 15-Year-Old Girl G unned Down.

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Comment (36)

  1. When you live by the sword you will perish by the sword !!! YouTube deleted my first comment .

  2. We not him! (We) have to understand that the Most HIGH is no longer winking at our actions anymore! Not only is he watching our actions, we better understand that we don't know the Most HIGH'S annointed either. Maybe or not her, maybe someone in her bloodline.

  3. I prayed about the guy that got shot jogging.I.prayed that God will deal with them white man according to.Gods righteousness and I told God I don't forgive them and something needs to be done.and I was upset too.and look they in jail

  4. Shalom shalom shalom the family of yacouba who are dispersed in the four corners of the world during the 400 years slavery be richly blessed by the father the glorious the holy of saints the noble par excellence that the blessing dwells with you or you are in the four corners of the world while the chosen one bless you the four angels drawing you blessed

  5. Seems like some of us (Black Folks) are insistent in being hard headed. I wonder if any of this is going to change? I'm trying to wake them up but I doubt it's truly working. Sometimes I feel like giving up…😔

  6. What u mean by judgement is in tha land!? …
    what u gonna see is mo destruction on black american (judah)
    They will vanish cuz of there pride and radical ways.. as they been since israel day 1…
    and others of colors (northen tribes) gonna get it cuz of them .. there's no real leader out there 🌎 no where… these false prophet only takin us to r⚰ … its guaranteed

  7. I had Accident today two black females swerling in the Street doing 80 on a 35 speed limit street hit me from back swerling coming towards me from the front 6am this morning 😠 I was in bad temper ready to jack these females out the car I'm like what the reason u going fast doing 80 on a 35 street this is my first accident I'm ok though thank Yah

  8. I would love to see our people set a day and time where we can pray to THE MOST HIGH in unity. I believe when we pray as a collective we will be heard.

  9. I thank you for this video because I thought that I was going to watch a video and listen to what you had to say about it but instead I got my confirmation on how Yah deals with sin, my wife has committed adultery and she is still dealing with this person while still married to me, when I see her I can see the unclean spirits on her, she doesn’t look like my wife, so I know Yah will have to show her and this guy just who he is because she has broken up our family we have an I Hurd Yah speaking through you to tell me that he will deal with this Thank you and all Praises to TMH Yah! Shalom!!

  10. What you just said is the sad truth, when one has a true connection with the Creator and the Creator grant him his throne he can literally cast down judgments upon the world and his people when they break the law of the Creator. But they always go against that man not understanding that when somebody warns of danger he will not tell you that with a soft voice.
    THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION!!!! URGENT! LISTEN AND HEED MY WORD! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8w2d7ixgnMs&t=1255s

  11. Deborah please save it with your fake behind.. always looking for views and bank notes pretending to have righteous but hearts far from the work , swallow that!!

  12. THE MOST HIGH is leading his prophets to pray such a prayer now during this separation of the wheat from the tares

  13. Some of our people just can't be help, many are like Judas Iscariot when betrayed Christ. . Let's pray for our people. Forever

  14. I do not even feel bad about this Deborah, what they did to that sister was disgusting. I do not laugh nor rejoice in this at all…but I will she'd no tears either. Yah is dealing with us all.

  15. Every time I go to my favorite channels, those bums at YouTube and Google Unsubscribes me, then I have to make sure I am subscribed again, before moving on to another channel. These Hebrew channels have been targeted in particular.

  16. Do you mind if I interrupt. Hi I AM the Holy Spirit of GOD in person and My name is Bruce Lee. I Would like to pay you to report on me. I personally would like you to report and investigate the word's that I have received from GOD THE FATHER. I would like you to try and prove that I'm THE Holy Spirit of GOD in the Flesh! If you're investigation proves I'm the Holy Spirit of GOD so be it; if it proves that I AM not; and you proved that I AM not the Holy Spirit of GOD on your own without my help; then ALL I ask is that you let Me Help You.
    If you ever get stuck in your investigation just comment help on any of my video's, and I'll reply by making a public video for you and you can report on what is said in the video. If you are interested reply job excepted. In this job you don't have to call each other or stuff like that since you don't know me; make a video of many of the questions you need answered and I'll make a video answering them. Please keep in mind that their will be a person or group taking the opposing arguments.
    Please accept thanks for your time.


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