JUDGMENT OF THE GENTlLES: Heatwaves Gripping Europe from atmospheric pressure from A

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  1. Wow this is kind of scary because yesterday I had a vivid dream of people burning to death. I could tell it was a Ruach based dream because it was based about around a concept similar to Passover. People marking their homes and stuff.. everybody else that didn't was burning. I mean burning to ash..and now you make this video.

    I'm so grateful to be in tune with the Ruach now it's not even funny, although it's been a lifelong journey and I had to have a near-death experience for this to even happen. It wasn't fuzzy rainbows either.. because I used to be one of these skeptic cats that was fooled by the astrophysics lie.

    Astrophysics did not explain the warning I got.. your life changes when the Most High shows you the gateway to Hell with a fierce warning..it happened after I turned my back on Him after I lost my sister..well that was a big ass mistake and I'm glad I did not die. It would not have been good if I had.

    However you guys go ahead and you keep thinking it's a joke. Keep telling us that were just hateful racists..you know better, you know what's up. I'm just a guy on the internet.

  2. Yes I just read about the boils from the sun in the Bible tonight!!
    ThNk you so much for speaking out!
    Father God bless u and family in Jesus name!

  3. Many Of Them Don't Think They're Actively In Judgement & They're Judgements Are Going To Get Worse. Reprobates❣️

  4. Watchman report it's here and if our people don't come together and heartfelt love unconditionally stop hurting Oppressing each other it's so serious some of us will not make it Expresly a we haven't Rehabilitated ourselves expresly how we treat 1 another If we hold on to the unconditional love as a people and do not fight one another by word or deed we can make it through because we are right in it do you say how the weather in every way is turning against the Earth earthquakes Tornadoes floods while fires you name it we do not have time to foolishly mistreat and go against each other Or not having the heart feel love and appreciation for each other there is no way that we will make it that way Some will continue in their wayward way on hurting and doing harm to each other Is they will be overtaken without awareness of it it's so serious how we treat and respect one another at this time that is so we'll tail it we're gonna make it Love URN so sweet and loving to me I can't say anything That's not good you and your husband has been like my brother and my sister so sweet to me I so appreciate you both and I never ever met you but I feel the love of you both
    That's how we are should be loving on each other so we can make it as a collective together It is so serious at this time You can actually feel it and see it all over the Earth it's now time for any of us to Take this time for Granted because we will witness the fulfillment Of the long awaited promise Of life without in with Everlasting prosperity in every area of our lives Mentally physically SOULFULLY Spiritually mentally financially Thank you for your kindness you both and your patience with me you both are so sweet

  5. pales are scorched and peeled. The melanoma and sunburns turned into a melinated spots on their skin; some in the form of boils and clumps of boils (dark brown ones). The radiation causes the cancer to emanate from their skin pores. I have detected and smelled cancer on at least 2 of them this year.

  6. May the vengence of The Most High – God of Israel be done among the nations that came against true Israel. In the name of The Heavenly Father, Ahayah Asher Ahayah. Sobeit

  7. How can people understand so well that God punished the Israelites and then turn around and believe God will not punish them for their own sins against their fellow man? "How can you say you love me but hate your brothren? (Scripture).

  8. 90 percent of all hurricanes that hit the United States originates from Africa. To be exact. FROM ETHIOPIA 🇪🇹 ironic truth

  9. Gentiles love Florida were it's very Hot as they're leaving Europe to come here in droves trust me they love the Heat and are Happy. I hear many say they love it here so you're mistaken. It's quite the opposite!

  10. Babylonian scotch whose time has come and no man can stop must prevail. They've no air conditioners!! With that 400 year African stolen wealth like diamonds and gold stored in Netherlands and Sweden mountains and everything else of great wealth you would think they would have included efficient cooling systems in their dwellings. Ohhh well.

  11. Racial demographics spells it out. When a disaster hit, the first thing to do is look at RACIAL DEMOGRAPHICS.

  12. Keep the fire burning keep the fire burning keep the fire burning hot ya……..We spent a lot of time seaching for our God and never knew where he comming fr

  13. I do not glory in the gentile judgment, but to be honest, I feel absolutely nothing regarding their demise. Low birth rates, opioid addiction, melanoma, etc., etc. etc. Shalom.,

  14. I just have a question… Ive heard opiates are the judgement coming down on the white man. So does that mean crack is judgement coming down on the black man? This is a serious question

  15. Send some more Elijah to pray the power down oh God of the Universe; The Most High God. How long oh God? How long before you avenge the blood of your people? How long? Help me to pray and wait on you.

  16. The Lord is coming soon. Let us be watchful- O House of Isreal. These are the last days, praise the Most High.

  17. WHITE AMERIKKKA would rather get on board the Titanic with Trump that pay THEIR debt to ADOS(American descendant of SLAVERY)

  18. In my Pride we all call this the fire solstice.. why the world on fire… hot spring are now cooling down… think he'll on earth… can you say thank you cern for that…

  19. When we were young and had done something wrong my father use to say to my brothers and sisters and me''If you don't listen you must feel''. This passage in 2 Samuel throws light on how The Most High applies pressure to bring about His judgement. As David did it is wise to seek the face of The Most High's for understanding in times like these.

    ''Then there was a famine in the days of David three years, year after year; and David inquired of the LORD. And the LORD answered, It is for Saul, and for his bloody house, because he slew the Gibeonites.

    2 Samuel 21:1

  20. The Most High Yah is cashing in on that long overdue TAB. We had to be punish for our disobedience. They have a be punished as well for their sins of their ancestors and wrong doing of mistreatment of YAHUAH'S people. So let them think that the The Most High is fun loving God sadly wrong. I have felt The Most High Yah anger specially when I did wrong and didn't repent. The things I went through physically I suffered body and medical wise. Then some. When Yah chastise you he doesn't play.

  21. Even the godless knows what goes around comes around.what then of those who knows that there us a God and refuses to repent.

  22. The irony of it all! TMH does his thing and it needs to be recognized and acknowledged that He deals with the heathen nations.

  23. It's a crime shame that most of my family members would rather listen to a heathen street preacher over me, but criticize an Israelite that is well aware of what's going on. Like today, I was on this brother's YouTube called 'SEED OF ISRAEL' and he said something about the chip not being the mark of the beast, that is what the heathens promote to keep us deceived. My family are people that watch Love and Hip Hop more than they even think to pick up a Bible. They like black ignorance but not Yashara'ahla calling. I am definitely to the point where I am done trying to wake up people who want to keep worshipping the beast and look at me like I'm worshipping the devil. They wouldn't even know the devil if he came to them. If I have to remove myself from these people to be set-apart in Yahuwah, I most definitely will. I'm going to try with my mom because I haven't tried with her yet but if she is ignorant, I will leave her behind too. All I can do is pray for these people because they are deceived tremendously.

  24. Sister, blood Isrealites that were cut off from Isreal and lived with Greeks and Romans and lived as them were called gentiles by our ancestors. They were Idrealites only by blood but TMH sent Paul a command to go and bring them back into the flock. Europeans that are not apart of the scatter flock nothing but heathens. The word gentile is a translation of the word that means nation or people. The most high does not change. He didn't hate Esau, set him up to destroy the earth and promise slaughter for the children to pay back the sins of their fathers against Isreal just to bring them all into the flock in the middle of it.

  25. I know that's right we are living in perilous times Mercy everyday yahshua Mercy father please . His raft is real the Holly 🔥 toss away like a Olive Branch Wooo


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