Junk Mail, Explained

I’m starting my quest to rid junk mail from my life
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Johnny Harris is a filmmaker and journalist. He currently is based in Washington, DC, reporting on interesting trends and stories domestically and around the globe. Johnny’s visual style blends motion graphics with cinematic videography to create content that explains complex issues in relatable ways. He holds a BA in international relations from Brigham Young University and an MA in international peace and conflict resolution from American University.

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  1. When I get junk mail from politicians and political parties, I answer their surveys, and I send it in with a ZERO Dollar donation. Warranty renewal calls, I tell them I drive a 1976 Dodge Diplomat. BTW, I’m a registered Libertarian, so I get junk mail from BOTH Democrats AND Republicans, or their organizations.

  2. here in norway, you can just put a sticker that says not to give junk mail on your mail box and the postman just… doesnt put junk mail in the mailbox because you put the sticker there

  3. I don't get junk mail here in the UK. I only receive mail from services I actually signed up for. Sorry to hear about the situation there Johnny.

  4. In Sweden we have these stickers that say "no ads please" and the postal service no matter if it's private or public they aren't allowed to put junk mail in your box

  5. The thing is even though junk emails are annoying, I still prefer them over junk mail because atleast they’re not wasting any trees.

  6. You do know that your "tax dollars" haven't gone to the post office since the early 70's…nice research.

  7. i wonder, if you tell the postal service your moving to another house, but then contact all the people you do want to have your address and tell them the real one, will all the junk go one way and real mail go the other.
    because you could spam the spammers with junk mail

  8. You don't like companies having access? What about political parties, which voted themselves the right to access to your phone number, and to call you. If companies are restrained but not government also…well, witness Russia in Ukraine.

  9. Privacy statement have no bearing, unless you can prove that the reader have the competency to understand what is written on them.

  10. just use it on the cutter to cut vegetables on it, then you wrap the remains in it and throw it out. Why the fuck do you even look at them

  11. when we actually understand how cruel our society is, is it unrealistic that we get depressed and suicidal?

  12. Everyone powerful enough to change this, also has people sorting their mail for them, so it's not a problem for them, and will never change.

  13. In Switzerland 70% of the people have stickers on their letterbox saying "No Junkmail !" And it works. I never get that stuff in my letterbox. Sale calls are forbidden.

  14. Yeah, it’s definitely helpful to me. I have no ideas on how are they getting our info and use it to make money. Not only they their are also lots of other information that we have no idea of that it’s actually exist. I only know of it after watching ur videos. Thank you so much for all of that free information and knowledges. I’m truly grateful for that. 🙏🙏🙏😊😊❤️. Love ur channel

  15. In the Netherlands you can put a sticker on your mail box that says that you don’t want junk mail, and then they stop sending it or giving it to you.

  16. So, the USPS is COMPLICIT in this BS? How does that work? Is having their workers sort and haul around mountains of crap mail that no one actually wants or uses somehow beneficial to them? Are they getting kicked back for "updating" these lists? Or is it simply that if it weren't for said mountains of landfill waste to deliver and report they would sort of be copping to the fact that they maybe could be a lot smaller without it, and would thereby benifit by its existence? WTF? I want answers. I HAAAAATE junk mail. I'ts literal, and figurative pollution that only benefits corporate vampires.


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