Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. King Felipe the sixth (VI = 6)) of Spain. IV is the Roman numeral for the number (4), (V = 5) and (VI = 6). I love your videos and I love your music. YAH Bless you. I appreciate everything you've done and look forward to your next upload. Shalom Shalom.

  2. The African continent has the youngest population; The Europeans, Australians, Chinese and Caucasians in the Americas are experiencing birth rate decline, the gene pool must be replinished

  3. Barack Obama is labeled "BLACK" because of the need for Black Americans who lost faith in the political system during the Bush years to have a reason to become interested in politics again. During the Bush years, Black Americans saw too many instances of Democrats voting for and associating with Republican politicians and policies and MANY were contemplating finding alternate ways of changing the system…until the "powers that shouldn't be" gave us Obama. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!

  4. thomas jefferson, andrew jackson, abraham lincoln, hannibal hamlin, warren g harding, and alexander hamilton, then in closing, the meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away ~ pablo picasso

  5. Well done TCA! However, not sure I would call Moshe Katsav humble or his words benign – more like 'passive aggressive.' In my opinion and I have heard it said, -ish people absolutely believe and are taught that they are the 'master race'. A nazi ideal – go figure! Wasn't that party allegedly funded by the Ashkenazi elite??? Once again we Hebrews are to be the scapegoat, targeted for extermination. I pray Yah His will be done: "come Yahushua ha'Massiach, come!"

  6. Ah-Yes, let's talk about white washing. Let gen-x get familiar with a cultural shock thru media and games and it will run its course.Why? Ha, blacks are gullible and easy to sway. This is especially true due to the 'marches' being a major yearly example of social acceptance. Gen-z will never know anything different. And it's the end of the modern greco-roman alphabet. End game. Just spirit speaking to me. Good looking out TCA.

  7. They do believe they are helping the most high. Eg king Saul I believe son died after he got a man killed in battle so he can lay with his wife. Just like certain followers of a fallen one sacrifice their own children. It is to pay for their sins, they are twisted in their actions as they believe they are prepaying for their wickedness. Thus why they get people to "consent" to their deeds, and why they must tell us via the Simpsons or whatever programming of TV, pictures, or other forms of media what the play is. So they are not responsible for our actions, though they are laying the rails to Hades and selling at times abducting others onto their express train. They have no knowledge in their ways for it is corrupt

  8. IT seems that the black women with less money is going for the white man with more money, And the black man that already has money is going for the white girl because he has money. May not be the only reason, But I'm pretty sure it's one of them.

  9. If they're trying to integrate isn't that counterproductive to their goal and if its their goal to divide and conquer why did they use mlk to end segregation or end it at all


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