Keep Your Legs Closed – Parental Discre tion Advis ed

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Comment (26)

  1. I grew up watching adults telling me the opposite of what they were doing, I've also watched parents who knew better but didn't tell their kids anything!!, they wanted them to f– up. These kid's have created a subculture that's highly addictive, i think it's too late, mothers and grandmother's hoeing…come on, socialization is stronger than we think, it's very demonic. We are living with the offspring of club regulars and ex-hookers, jumpoff babys, the so called black community is a very toxic soup with a unbearable smell.

  2. who the hell is this person telling us to not have children, have as many as you want. what does she know other then try and get you to genecide yourselves. tell europeans to close they're legs. what a ignorant attempt to get you to stop generating your prodginy. using a god they know nothing of as guilt bait. screw you lady, tell your own to close they're legs you want a better world get these european albions out of our seats we are the nationals of course they want fewer of us because they are steeling from you everyday.

  3. Awesome word Now we need to teach our Men because it takes 2 people to be sexually active ( fornication). Today the world see it ok for men to have several women and it's ok for them to have sex before married but not for females.  The world have trained our young men that women are whores if they commit this sin and men are not held accountable.  THIS IS WHY WE NEED TO TEACH OUR YOUNG MEN HOW TO TREAT  & Respect the daughters of ZION and vice versa.Are men not held to the sin of fornication?  Is it ok for a man not to be a virgin when he get married? Because that is how the world has it looking. Thank you for this message.

  4. My little one has so many questions from this it makes me happy. Some folks may say she's too young…well guess what, those same people will say she's too young to be having a child when she's a child herself (Yah forbid); so it's better I do as Hevaenly Father Yah says to do and TRAIN UP A CHILD IN THE WAY THEY SHOULD GO.

    I'm starting now and explaining now.

  5. Thank you Sister Debra! You are so correct…I'm thankful my Uncle taught me this, when I was 13 years old. Young ladies and women protect your mind, bodies, and soul.

  6. Let these words be planted and take root in the hearts and minds of Zions young girls and woman. This fruit bares fruit of righteousness.

  7. Your body is your temple, you should treat it as such. Most people will knowingly and purposely give u an STD, they could care less. And a lot of these STD's are incurable, some are deadly. Yet, some people don't think about these things.

  8. 2 out of 3 women are RAPED in the USA. Your message should keep your penis to yourself or how not to rape. The sleeping around is a lot, but the non-consensual sex is a whole lot more common. Boys need to be taught how to appropriately speak to women. I can't tell you how many men have said such perverse things to me since I started full-blown puberty at age 11. I have had men old enough to be my grandfather suggest that they wanted to have sex with me or even intimate that we could be lovers by being around them. Now that doesn't even include the men that I have outright SAID NO to and told them they repulsed me and yet still pursued me and put their hands on me. I know EVERY WOMAN and girl has this story whether they are raped or not. The fact is that society is not teaching men or boys how to have self-control and not to see women as something other than an object of sex and a maid.

  9. U go girl, I agree to everything u said and I was in my younger yrs was as the women u r talking to
    Peace Israel one love 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  10. How I wish I had a voice of wisdom like yours when I was young, my mom didn't talk to me about sex or racism or just the world period and dad wasn't around, its only because of Yah that I am alive today and things didn't turn out worse for me. I hope your words of wisdom got through. ❤🙏🏾

  11. Thank you Sister Deborah! I love you so much and appreciate you. This video is so needed. I lost a relationship because I chose to close my legs and seek Yah. It is for my greater good. I have no regrets. I'm stronger than my flesh! Jeremiah 29:11 ❤️

  12. My heart is bleeding. This was all I went through past few years trying to teach my now young adult children the perils of sin and they just clap back with nonsense I repented for before they were even born like wow.

  13. My mom always said "do as i say not as i do" and i trusted her enough in her wisdom that was shown even in my youth. I listened. Why do drugs when i see her on it and it's causing us girls to be put in stupid situations.. nope not I. My mom raised us with God in our lives. Hallelujah amen, I'm so grateful.
    She also told us kissing lead to sex, sex is for childbearing, and childbearing is for marriage; marriage ordained by God. So happy i still have her in my life now call her all the time for advice. Even before i have to call the police, i call mom first… Lol. I know sad, but true. I'm going to keep on soaking to her until we can't no more. Want to give her all her flowers now…

  14. Yeah forgiveness doesn't mean they don't have to repent and make recompense. I rebuke and correct like God shows and show wisdom not foolishness to keep letting it happen.


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