Key West Island in Florida faces dispute over cruise ships, residents say cruises affect environment

Cruise ships on a key West Island in Florida face the heat from the local residents. Residents say cruises affect the environment.

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Comment (19)

  1. I lived in Marathon for several years.
    The ships already have plenty of ports, please don't kill our living coral reef for your convenience.

  2. I m a tour director/guide that also makes money off cruise ships/passengers, sometimes.
    But, i dont like big ships and over crowding. Sometimes, less is more. Limit the ships/number/size. Save the environment. Dont get greedy. Balance. Win/win.
    Good luck Key West 🙏

  3. Santos find a better way you're better than that, protection of coastal coral reef is beneficial for business too. Santos is smart he'll do it …before becoming vice President

    BlessUp INDIA 🇮🇳 and Wion StaySafe

  4. I don't understand the need for cruise ships? This is a luxurious way to destroy oceans! It's high time we need to reconsider our vacations!

  5. I am from Miami, and I remember Key West before the cruise ships and tourists. It was were locals went to chill, while tourists went to South Beach. Now, Key West is…very very different. Very commercial, and BUSY. it is no longer the peaceful oasis. GENTRIFICATION has no boundaries.

  6. They should built floating port away from the island where cruise ship could unload and load passengers. They should consider the design like floating airport similar to Kansai International Airport of Osaka Japan.

  7. To sustain, business is not necessary, what is necessary is to lower greedy expectations. Print $$s, problem solved. Cruises contribute negatively to everything they are involved in.

  8. The "Key" is finding what works for all involved and making it sustainable. If the Coral Reef, Pollution and Heavy Traffic on the "Charm" of what Key West represents is One side. VS
    Destination for travellers to have the experience of such things.
    a) Charge a Tax(stipend) that goes directly in the Coral sustainment fund for its preservation value.
    b)Limit the "Customer" traffic to allow both local and tourist volume to minimal acceptable impact.
    c) Possibly develop Tourist excursion cruises instead to keep the BIG Boats away from the coastal waters , provides local employment for smaller vessels to bring them into shore.
    Apart of the Package and I mean commercially NOT row boats or could be like the personal Gondola ones used in Italy along the Canal ways. Just some ideas is all.
    Oh and have been to Key West in the mid 80's and Loved the Charm,Locals and small village feel to it ALL The water was Like Chrystal and the fish were a real life Aquarium…

  9. Funny only commenting on florida when cruiseships go everywhere around the world. Stfu about climate. We have tyrannical governments abandoning human rights wtf is wrong with people. We need to balance your nonsense the junk being dumped into water on othersides.

  10. May be cruise ships ships should dock in the ocean, and bring passengers to shore by small to mid size boats.

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