A true story about four Allied POWs who endure harsh treatment from their Japanese captors during World War II while being forced to build a railroad through the Burmese jungle. Ultimately they find true freedom by forgiving their enemies. Based on the true story of Ernest Gordon.


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  1. A very powerful film I love the speech by the Scottish Colonel as he told the Japanese Officer where to stick his papers excellent performance from James Cosmo, R.I.P. all those who never came home.

  2. This is the kind of movie one should watch today, and in all dark times.. and even if Freddy Mercury's song "is this the world we created" can sometimes resound, as it's like we're back in 1942.. the defeat of Stalingrad is close for the forces of evil. The truth shall come out, and a new liberation will occur as the light will start shining. Don't loose hope. Keep fighting everyday for dignity, humanity, kindness, and freedom. Be good to each other, even with your enemy.. As this is how Evil shall not prevail. For the sake of all who have sacrificed from that war, from the previous one and from all after.. let their sacrifice not be in vain, teach us, give us strength, and help us be better men.

  3. POWs who returned from Burma area were shushed. They were accused of inventing tales, then summarily swept aside to quell hatred…much like the story of Chi Chi Jima and the George Bush remaining pilots.

  4. And now we know: they..the rich ones create that and all other wars.and we " the prople" had to fight it for there money . No we are in a great reset and they make China and Russia our enemy. I think the real enemy is next to us. Please wake up. Open your eyes and see

  5. Excelente película, exhibe lo peor de la humanidad y lo mejor que también puede salid de su espíritu. A todos los POW que sobreviven o murieron el mayor de todos los respetos.

  6. 전쟁은 다시 일어나선 안된다 한순간 인간들이 짐승이되니까..전범자와 전범국가는 충분히 상응하는 그댓가를 치러야만한다..다시는 전쟁을 꿈도 못꾸게..

  7. Nice film, nicely done, just a very little detail, when Kiefer is talking about his plans he says that he's not a kamikaze but they doesn't even exist in 42, script mistake, no doubt, that don't diminishes the story

  8. The Scottish soldier that tried to escape during the movie (I forgot his name) also played with Kiefer Sutherland in the prequel movie of 24 where they were in Africa. They were running a school/home for orphan children.

  9. I never knew the pain of my father's generation until watching this. Insofar as I see it, the Japanese got FULL justice for their actions in WWII. Thank you President Truman.


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