Korean War 1950-1953 – Battle of Inchon 1950 – COLD WAR DOCUMENTARY

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In the new episode of our animated historical documentary series on the Korean War, we will cover the counter-attack of the UN forces led by the USA in what was later called the Drive North. This video also features the battle of Inchon of 1950

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Comment (20)

  1. notes to myself:
    North Korea invaded South Korea, and then successfully took over most of the territory. It failed to, however, take over the Busan Perimeter. UN forces land in Incheon, and then UN forces behind the Busan Perimeter push North Korean forces back. UN forces then passes the 38th parallel and pushes north.

  2. I know for a fact that the 7Th Infantry Division landed before the Marines at Inchon. My Step Father Kenneth Malcolm ( He's in Heaven) always said that his Division The 7TH Infantry DIV was sitting and waiting for over 24 HRS before the Marines Landed.
    The press wanted to keep it this way and they did just to say The Marines Have Landed At Inchon on the Headlines of the News Paper and they did.
    History needs to be told truthful.
    The US ARMY 7TH Infantry Div Landed days before the Marines.
    He also fought in the Chosain Reservoir Battle on the East Side being completely cut off from supply and no reinforcements.
    98 percent of his Company was Killed in the 1st Hour of Combat and he made it out alive.
    He would tell me stories of how he was out of Bullets and Fought with his Mouth biting the Chinese Enemy Solider's he was 6'6" Country Boy from Good Hope,Georgia.
    He revived 2 Bronze Stars,1Silver Star, Combat Infantry Badge and Several Presidential Unit Citations and Ribbons.
    He really helped me when I was young and I miss him.
    God Rest His Sole.
    He was one Hell of A Man.
    A real War Hero who never got the credit he deserved.
    After Retreating from the Chosain he was later in the Evacuation at Pusan.
    So he went in at Inchon fought to the Chosain then retreated then was Evacuated at Pusan.
    I think the United States Government should give him some kind of Special Head Stone stating this.
    If someone knows how of how to go about such action please help me find some way he can be recognized for his Actions of Combat.
    Thanks Kenneth Hoppe.

  3. My Great Grandfather was an engineer in Korea during the Korean War. He was a great engineer. However he was friends with one of the commanders there and the commander let him get drunk on the job lol. He also served in Vietnam and got shot in the ass.

  4. Sometime to stop evil u have do dirty work evil work and ya hell ya I hate commies commies keep there population in war conflict move and tgusb they keep there power and steal money from hardworking people

  5. I'm very proud of my ancestors who served in The Forgotten War and fought the commies. God bless 🇰🇷, 🇺🇸, 🇬🇧, love and respect from The 🇵🇭.

  6. Why the narrator mentioned about Korean civil war? North and South Korea are both different countries before the korean war even started. Civil war is within the same country and it is internal conflict and not external


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