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Comment (26)

  1. On topic, our People sold out TMH & Yahusha HaMashiach so it's obvious our People would sell us out too. The servant is not better than his/her Master. The sword cuts in many ways. Let our People continue to procreate with the serpent's seed & white out. That's another form of their death. Shalum

  2. That time Haman thought he could expose Mordechai and Esther and get away with it! 🤣🤣🤣

  3. They don't want us marring there children. When the most high said stay away from those people. Because they don't know me and they hate me.

  4. Among us in our family 👪 a brother or sister will be waiting for there own to fall. Specially when they are living in an obedient order.

  5. Ya'll need to STOP with this RACIST DATING CRAP. There are NO RACAIL DATING RULES UNDER YAHUSHA! Galatians 3:28. Just because YOU are both Hebrew does not give you right right the plow down others, or their children.

  6. YAHUASHA SAID "One is made a Hebrew according to their HEARTS, no longer of the letter, that there is NO MORE Hebrew or Greek, Bond or Free but ALL ARE ONE under HAmeshiach , SO….. WHERE ARE YOU GETTING BLAcKS SHOULD NOT DATE WHITES UNDER THE NEW COVENANT? you DO KNOW we live under the NEW covenant right? I think ya'll are just interracial couple haters. YAH is not. Yah is an unevenly YOKED couple hater.

  7. Shalawam. I admire you both. We need more role models like the two of you. Can you please tell me where in scripture that states Judah was the only tribe that was scattered. Much love to you both.

  8. Macdonald's Should Pay 20% Of Sells To It's Cashier's [& Cooks] During The 8 Hours They Run The Cash Register😌

    So If Macdonald's Makes A $1,000 In 8 Hours, The Cashier That Made That 1,000, [Or Less Or More], During 8 Hours, Takes Home 200$ Of That, "The Same Fucking Day"🤗

    Even At 10%, That'll Still Be Good, Or Fuck You Uncle Sam😎👌

  9. The order that's being rejected is the order Yahshua John the Baptist James the brother of Yahshua and Yahshua follower the Essenes. I hear the teachings of law and order and those teachings of law and order does not go hand in hand with the teachings of the Messiah the law and order that is established and was established in the garden is the law and order that the Messiah died for which was no more blood shedding of anything no blood setting of animals so if you're still eating flesh and you're still slaughtering animals then you're out of order I'm a state that again if you're still eating flesh and you're still slaughtering animals shutting their blood you're out of order with the most highest divine order if you're still living in cities and you're still living like those in this system and you haven't removed yourself into the bush set apart areas away from the public eyes and you're not living like an Essene you're out of order these were the true teachings of the master of the Messiah when she died for that is the only order that you're supposed to be in and when it comes to defending yourself and your community and your people that is a righteous thing we are not to be agitators or we are to be protectors so we are to protect our community from anyone you're not just supposed to just lay down and die and you're not supposed to be in agreement with anything that goes against the law the original organic law not the most attic law but the original organic law giving them to the children of light.

  10. The sun did not kill his half brother. There are no halves in African and Hebrew cultures. They are full brothers if they belong to the same father. But I understand the western culture of which you are victims

  11. I am a Davidian Seventh Day Adventist and present truth believer. Appart from other beliefs of SDA Adventists these are some of our beliefs
    1. The fourth angels message is the sealing message for our time
    2. The 10 commandments are still effective and will be the standard of judgement
    3. We believe and worship on the Sabbath
    4. We believe the 144000 are literal Israel that will be sealed to do Gods final work
    5. We believe the slaughter of Ezekiel 9 will be a literal cleansing of Gods final church
    6. We believe God is to establish a kingdom in this world before his second coming

    Other beliefs on our prophets among whome include E G white Victor T Houtef are a bit to detailed to discuss here.
    Your message on Israel is what captivated me and believe we need to change our terminology if we truly desire to worship God in truth. I need a sincere and genuine comment on Seventh Day Adventists. Secondly do you have branch in Zambia we can start studying with?

  12. Shabbat shalom thank you so much watchmen and Deborah he has really brought my family closer am I love even closer to yah !!


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