Law vs Grace: Part 2, Torah only liars & Self Righteous Torah Keepers

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  1. Keeping the Laws is not grievious.  And it is not a curse.  you are blessed when you keepp the laws and statutes

  2. Wrong! Christians don't encourage eating cloven hooved animals. You made that decision for yourself. And what's this about us going to church dressed like whores? Good lord. Christians are obviously your backbone. You're constently insulting Christ's people to make some point you can't make any other way. Ok, but why add lies? ~ Rhetorical! _Debra graveen

  3. Can you have a video about women being able to teach also, people keep saying inn crazy for watching y'all because a woman is teaching.. I personally like you two

  4. A vid on the difference between God's Law vs Jewish tradition. Explaining what it means when the scripture says we don't live by the law. It's separating us like it did in the days of the Messiah.

  5. I belive what people refer to as 'our concience' is in fact the ruac haquadesh in us and if we listen to it we will be led by YAH. HalleluYah

  6. I love you two, your ministry is always edifying. There are far too many Hebrews who love to call their brothers niggas and they make us all look bad in front of the Gentiles. Thank you for your wisdom.

  7. Hebrew Christianity smh ..the True Authors of the NT Marcion and Pisc family 100% truth look it up made to keep us real Israelites on the bottom in the greatest sin you can commit which is idolatry wake up Hebrews aint no saviour but TMH

  8. Awesome and much needed lesson. We are having this same study within our Rebirth Shabbat service. Very timely. HalleluYah!

  9. Praise YAHAWAH in the name of YAHAWASHI!!!!!!!
    It appears to me as an everyday seeker of THE MOST HIGH YAH AND HIS SON YAHAWASHI that YAH tells us to keep HIS Commandments. Even in Rev. 22:14 HIS WORD says that those who keep HIS Commandments will enter into HIS Kingdom. Now, you can't get anymore newer Testament than the Book of Revelation.

    Keeping THE MOST HIGH YAH Commandments is HIS LAW! And those that do show that they (we) love THEM by doing so. YAHAWASHI did not come to destroy and toss out HIS FATHER'S LAWS. HE tells us that HE came to fulfill them and Heaven and earth would pass away before any letter of it would.

    In Deuteronomy 18:18 THE MOST HIGH YAH tells Israel that HE will raise up for them a Prophet like Moses from amongst their brothers, and will put HIS WORDS in HIS mouth (talking about YAHAWASHI) and He shall speak to them all that I COMMAND HIM. And it will be that whoever will not hear MY WORDS, which He speaks in MY NAME, I will require it of HIM. This was letting Israel know about the coming of our Massiah and our Savior tells us that if we love HIM then we will keep HIS Commandments.

    Commandments are of the laws of THE MOST HIGH YAH. We can't get around this and they are good as Paul told us.

    The way in which YAHAWASHI (a.k.a pagan name Jesus) fulfills the Law of HIS FATHER our ELYHIM, is being our Blood atonement of sacrifice. Which means we no longer have to kill and sacrifice animals and that YAHAWASHI is become our HIGH PRIEST whom THE MOST HIGH YAH sent to become our Savior and mediator between YAH and man which is why keeping YAHAWAH COMMANDMENTS is just a part of recieving HIS GRACE AND MERCIES and entering into HIS KINGDOM as ambassadors of YAHAWASHI.

    So no, keeping YAH'S Law Will not alone keep any from the wrath of YAH nor saves us nor automatically will it give us entry into HIS KINGDOM to come. We keep HIS Commandments which are HIS LAWS because this HE says is Seal between us and HIM, along with confession and faith in YAHAWASHI HIS SON.

    What makes any think that THE MOST HIGH YAH doesn't have order anymore, or that HE will not have HIS LAWS in HIS KINGDOM? And there must be something different about HIS people which is where keeping and upholding HIS LAWS are warranted. IF not then we look act and do just as the world does. We also would just be serving HIM with our mouths and having the appearance of our hearts being far from HIM as He HIMSELF said of the Pharisees.

    We can't just pick and choose which of YAHAWAH COMMANDMENTS to follow and HE is far from slow to know what's in our hearts towards or obedience or just for show.

    In regards to Galatians 3:17. It says, the LAW CANNOT BE DISANNUL (cannot be cancelled) that it shall make the promise none effect. The covenant law was made between THE MOST HIGH YAH AND Israel. YAH doesn't change, we do and we try to change who HE is and that has NEVER worked and will NEVER happen.

    We are either down with YAHAWAH AND YAHAWASHI, or we're not. Now, that's the only choice we have been given.

    Return to YAH and HE will return to us. Keep HIS COMMANDMENTS Israel as best you can with the heart HE has given you and pray to serve YAH and YAHAWASHI in Spirit and in Truth, forever and always. Read HIS WORD for yourself and ask for HIM to circumcise your ears and heart to receive HIS Wisdom and Knowledge with understanding. To be a hearer and a doer of HIS WORD. We all must work out our Salvation with fear and trembling!



  10. Brother you touched in that thing

    Thank you .

    I once realized I couldn't do this thing and that was going to hell and pushed the Bible away and just put my head down ….

    Then Yah rouse up out of my belly . We CANT do this without Yah .

    Thank you for your work .

    Y'all are so valuable .

  11. The law is a curse to you when you don't obey it….. there is no works in the law…… the law is peace the law is love the law is cleanliness and holy……. so Grace is nothing but time everyday you wake up you are blessed to have Grace time…. time to get your s*** together

  12. The most hot is carrying out the judgment……. just like stead of swords and shields their guns now and belts to beat the kids switches to beat the kids stitching chords the killing of the black people all around the world judgment is here on Judah


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