Leading by the Ruach, Should I get a Mortgage?

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  1. Do u plan to do a series when u go through the word cover through cover where we speak and break down the word and speak the word

  2. Can u teach the word cover to cover every chapter for all the younger viewers where we come together and learn the word genesis to revalation

  3. I was wondering; what is the pros and cons of purchasing a home through the rent-to-own options vs. purchasing a home through the traditional mortgage pros and cons options? Does anybody know?

  4. Halleluyah, Halleluyah, Halleluyah I'm next in line for my blessing Todah Yah your testimony is a confirmation of my visions it is done in the name of yahoshua.

  5. Wow! This is so informative both intellectually and spiritually. This is going to help me make a crucial decision that has been looming in my life for several months now. Great video indeed! Hallelu Yahuah!

  6. Becoming a US national is the resolution to all of these issues you folks are speaking of. The moors do it but any US Citizen can do it…we need to educate ourselves and then others on correcting our STATUS asap.

  7. Bro Yahu and Sis Deborah! I really to talk with yall. What is the best way to get in contact with you? I have sent you all a message on Bro Yahu FB page. Please reply as soon as possible. Shalom!

  8. I truly praise the Most High Yah for seeing this video on the YouTube feed tonight, because I’m currently facing an issue with my property taxes going up and is expected to go up again soon. My property taxes were $3,440 a year, went down for a few months this year, but is said to be going back up by the end up the year per the Tax Commissioner’s office. They are steady building up in this area, so it’s not surprising. Smh…

  9. Thank u n shalom helped me understand this verse Ecclesiasticus 21:8 He that builds his house with other men's money is like one that gathers himself stones for the tomb of his burial.

  10. YAH🤔DEBORAH🤔Do you need👓glasses,🤔😶😗🤗😂🙃🤓🤔🤗👓😎🔥RUHACH🔥🤗😂🤣🙃😄🤗😎. 🕎lol🔥🙌🎶🙌🎶👂

  11. look into grants that you can get for that house since its that old… it may qualify as historic

  12. I have been praying to Abba about this and I see this video. Thank you for sharing It. APTTMH. I need to move, but do I attempt to buy, especially knowing that 1. We are in the end times 2. We never truly own anything and 3. Job loss is on the rise.

    It has been on my heart heavily. I have children and want to spend the little bit of money I have correctly. I ha e been begging Abba to make a way. Love the two of you. May Abba keep you strong, safe and righteous.


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