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  1. Good morning sister the younger women need to hear this.So many are jealous and envious of each other and them some even like to follow after that Kardashian clan.But I myself try to show Love to my real sisters every day and more recently I have met a couple of women on job 1 especially that I count as my sister We talk a couple of times a week. She's a righteous woman as myself and since I've been following you two I have tried to humble myself down to my husband and learn to be quiet and I also try to be encouraging to the young women

  2. In my opinion a method that I started doing daily, I acknowledge what I did / do wrong ! So many people in general are so stuck on blaming the next to where if you never admit what you've done wrong how can you work on it or change it? It's hurtful when this happens among your own Israelite family ( especially in your household )because your trying to help each other, not always be on eggshells. After all the damage and no change or even a conversation pertaining how certain people feel always holding it in or being threatened everytime a particular subject is mentioned, it's devastating. After all the pain once people depart ways is it wrong to completely leave that Israelite Sista alone? If they never admit and continue in the same wicked ways is it far to continue to be disrespected and spiritually drained? Is it ok for family members too continue being puppets? You pray people's hearts are soften but when it's destroying you and your kids what do you do?

  3. If you look better than certain blk women they will get jealous so I just don’t go around them.Trust me!! I get hate from blk women that don’t even know and for no reason. I tried plenty of time to get along with other blk women like myself but it always end in jealousy. So I just don’t go around them. Now I have notice that when I get around other blk women that are beautiful, neat figures, and dressing game on point….I get along with them very well.

  4. Good morning family well said sister Deborah and I love your head scarf your whole outfit is nice I'm going to start wearing hair wraps this winter I think they are so beautiful on black women head Hallelujah

  5. The Good News
    Don't ask advice of anyone who doesn't trust nor respect you, and don't give advice to anyone who is jealous of you or have a condescending Spirit toward you because you view things differently_ nor will they take the time to humbly reason with you your point of view.. .

    Don't ask other women for advice about a rival of hers/ malice toward other women not like herself,
    Don't ask a coward about war,

    Don't ask a merchant about a bargain,

    Don't ask a buyer about selling,

    Don't ask a stingy person about gratitude,

    Don't ask a cruel person about kindness,

    Don't ask a lazy person about work,

    Don't ask a lewd person about abstinence
    Don't ask a casual worker about finishing a job,
    Don't ask a lazy person about a difficult task.
    Don't ask a your religious sister about Spirituality_ only as "What do your belief teach about love forgiveness and Cultural Oneness
    Pay no attention to any advice they/ Female or Male may give.
    other than UNITY_ In the Spirit of Love for One Another as "THE SEED OF THE WOMBMAN'S" ORIGINATORS Presences within us will expose the Falsified duplicators_ Of The Seed Of The Serpent" it is our/ Wombman purpose to live in harmony as Iron sharpens Iron_ with a Spirit as Sharp as a Serpent But yet as gentle as a Dove_ Rise Above the Chaos with Love for one another_ ready to protect, provide, counsel and comfort THIS IS THE TRUE IMAGE OF GLORY OF DIVINITY'S REFLECTION AS ABOVE SO BENEATH_
    Instead, rely on someone who is and known to keep their righteousness as a requirement and not an reactive suggestion , someone who is sympathetic with you, who will not contribute to your fall.

  6. Humble is the key the Angels are humble Yah is only one to be Exalted and Proud because He the "Creator " He can say look what I made Life ,Earth and Heaven.

  7. I pray for godly friends, role models, and mentors to come into my life. Sisters who will speak the truth in love, who are trustworthy, kind, loving, and faithful. Women that are strong in faith, who will add to my life and I to theirs. That forgiveness and love flow freely between us.

  8. I tried to show Sisterly Love and restore in the meekness of Love with scripture but it seems as if I became the enemy? I still love my people(sisters) and I still look forward to my Abba Yahuah sending me a Spiritual Family in St. Louis Shalom.

  9. I know what you mean about being humble. Sometimes I sit and watch channels and think to myself about doing something with my channel. I think about how I can help our community and spread the WORD OF YAH even more. The things that stop me is spreading the wrong info or losing myself in comments.

    Last thing I want to do is disappoint FATHER YAH. I want people; yes all people to know FATHER YAH in truth and spirit. These heathens has took HIS WORD and lied on THE WORD; made a profit off the WORD, stole from the WORD, added and took away from the WORD, created religions of HIS WORD. Sorry I got off the subject….

    The colorism thing with our sisters has got to stop. This is one of the biggest distractions and the oldest trick of the enemy that damages our sisters. LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF, most cry this but most don’t know how to live by it.

    Maybe it’s because the love I have for my people. Maybe it’s the love I have for ELOHIYM. OUR KING has skin like fine brass burning in a furnace, HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE OUR DARK BROTHAS AND SISTAS!!!

    I’m brown skin but to me there is nothing more beautiful the seeing a dark skinned sista with skin so smooth and even, but what most don’t realize is the big picture. What nation can say we are a nation of different shades and love each other for our differences?

    I will continue to pray and cover my people.


  10. I would be glad when my sistas stop watching these unrighteous tv shows like Love & Hip Hip, Black Ink Cree, Housewives of Wherever and any other shows that put us in such a stereotypical darkness, because it ain’t light.

    A lot of the negativity comes from wanting to mimic what they see on tv.

    The enemy has been throwing stumbling blocks in my relationship, but your video about covering our husband and praying for him is something that I wasn’t doing. Your video helped me to recognize what I was doing wrong as a woman of YAH. I started praying for him and things have gotten better. Thank you,, oh and he ended up getting a better job offer and it has only been maybe 48 hours of praying for him and the rest of my family, my whole family mediate and Hebrew family. Thanks again.

    On another note…

    I love you Sista DaborahYah!! You speak in truth, spirit and love!! I hope to meet you one day and give you thanks personally. There is nothing you say that I don’t agree with, well how can I, we serve FATHER YAH. I pray HE continues to strengthen and cover you and your family in the precious blood of our HA’MESHIACH. In YAHUSHA HA’MESHIACH’S name HALLELUYAH!!!

    Oh and I love that hat!!!!! Very pretty, do you make them yourself?


  11. Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

    Matthew 22:37‭-‬40 KJV

    Let us define love and our neighbors according to the word of Yahuah.

  12. Thank you so much for this beautiful, loving video. The love and power and instruction of The Most High came through loud and clear.


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