Letters from Africa Concerning Ghana Return Home & AU Speech – 2 DIFFERENT Offers 2 Opinions

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  1. Why do we have to come out of pocket, when in the scriptures say we would leave with good substance…….so why is money in the conversation???

  2. What is exciting is the very conversation. And it can be emotional. But satan always has a counterfeit. Bible has to dictate my decision. Saints less be patient and search the scriptures. “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.”
    ‭‭1 John‬ ‭4:1‬ ‭KJV‬‬

  3. Great perspective and wisdom. We are to be anxious for nothing. What I see is anxiety buildup over the matter. I understand completely. But moving without a long term plan and assurance is not wise. I believe some of us will be forerunners and bridge builders; those who spy out the land and come back with a good report in the right season. Be patient, be prayerful, be ready. Shalom

  4. I believe The Watchman & others on their own channels who are cautious about the appeal are doing so with scripture & history at heart & in mind. I consider it good looking out for Yah's people, but of course people are free to make their own choices as always. We must take time to seek Yah's face to see if He has opened the door or if this is man in his own wisdom trying to help Yah out or help themselves. Yah will reveal the way once we talk with Him. Scripture reminds us that in the multitude of counsellors there is safety. We are to be wise & good Stewards, to be anxious for nothing, and to thoroughly consider all matters. Scripture tells us to WATCH & to pray always; it is reminding us of our adversary the devil who seeks to rob, to kill, & destroy. Thus the first action is prayer, for NOTHING is done effectual without prayer. Thank you Watchman Reports for your counsel about this.


  6. I agree with what you are saying, which I usually do. I was young at one time too and when i grow up i learned not to trust man. Its hard to trust anyone when ELOHIYM told me that ALL NATIONS will conspire against us.

    I'm 42 now but when I was in my 20s I read in the WORD of ELOHIYM that we should not put our trust in man but put our trust in ELOHIYM.

    HE also said that HE would gather us with a mighty hand and a stretched out arm. Man don't have the power to do that.

    Until man recognizes and calls us by our true name; not Afro Americans, not African Americans, not Black Americans, not Negros BUT HEBREW ISRAELITES/YESH'RAELITES I don't think I will be believing what anyone says about coming home. Our home isn't Africa but Yeshra'el, Hierusalem, the City of David….that's home to me!!!

    I believe it's going to be the same way HE did it I'm Mitsraiym, but this time we all are coming from the 4 CORNERS of the earth…..what a beautiful sight that is gonna be.

    I'll wait on ABBA YAH!!!


  7. I learned my lesson about sending money. When I was young and thought the Jews where the choosen and would tithe my ten percent….then I woke up. I'm just glad I didn't do it faithfully.


    Shabbat Shalom

  8. I still warn, I don’t care however they present to you people (which to me is fraudulent, anyway) DO NOT SEND YOUR MONEY TO AFRICAN UNION. You will not be happy you did. Period!

  9. I feel the winds of change blowing. If we keeping praying and allow The Rauch Haqadash to guide us, we will be ready for deliverance. I can tell that we are starting to unify in the truth because we instantly saw right thru her bull, no matter how elegantly it was presented. That's Ahba! HalleluYah! However, let's move on and start talking about how we will, realistically, get to Africa. I wanna go! Let's go!

  10. Shalom Israel. With all due respect…
    Continental Africa is in chaos, for the most part. If it were so idyllic, there would not be hundreds of thousands of immigrants from it's many nations clamoring to get visas ANYWHERE into the western world. Be very aware of the full implications of moving anywhere there. You do so to your own peril, and the peril of your children.
    The AU asking for our money is far from the AU welcoming our actual physical presence. Do a YouTube search on what 'AFRICANS' really think of 'AFRICAN AMERICANS'. Do a quick Google search on the actual conditions of most continental African countries.
    Israel longs for our own place…for our own country, but we must wait for The most High to restore us to our rightful soil. We cannot escape this captivity. Our Yah will ransom us.
    The Rwandan genocide, was a Hebrew genocide, here in modern times, covered up to look like 'waring tribes'. How long do you think that our little villages will last when we are surrounded by millions of the same people who sold us to Arab slavers and then sold us to European slavers… What do you think will happen in and to our little villages all set up with chickens and goats and solar power and western money the minute some Islamic militant group comes by? Or famine hits? or drought? or some disease?
    Research Mozambique. Research Guinea Bissau. Do you have any idea of the atrocities that happened there in 'modern times'?…that are STILL happening there? Please Brothers and Sisters. Do Not be fooled by smooth words and promises of 'Wakanda'… Traps and snares are always baited with what is most pleasing to the prey.


    ALMIGHTY God, we come to YOU knowing that YOU are the God of our forefathers. YOU have called us from among the world to be your people, YOU have set us apart with one intention and one intention only, and that is to be set apart from the world and to be Your people, Holy and dedicated to you. Yes, we have sin a great sin, we have gone after other gods, gods that cannot feel nor hear gods who cannot help, gods that are not touched with the feelings of our infirmity. As a result of our sin, you have allowed our enemies to enslave us, and inflict on us all sorts of atrocities. As we confess, please forgive our many sins. Our forefathers and mothers have been raped, we have lost our God, our identity, our language, and our land (Israel) and we have been killed all day long by the people who have enslaved us and by their security forces, while justice is far from us. We call upon YOU ADONAI; we call upon You, ELOHIM, the God of our Fathers. We are tired; yes we are tired of the scorns and ridicules that come our way. While others pathways are paved with gold, ours are paved with suffering. Our children were thrown to the alligator by our enemies, were hanged and they even made fun of their evil deeds by referring to them as GATOR-BATE and LYNCHING. They robbed us of our identity to the extent that we have completely lost our way, serving their gods and rejecting YOU, the only wise God. Hear our cries O' Almighty God and come to our rescue. We tried to build ourselves together and they use their weapons to abolish what we have built. We are TIRED O' God, You and You alone are our refuge. Come swiftly and avenge us, deliver us from our enemies. Restore us back to the land that they have stolen from us. We long to be a people once more, restore the twelve tribes, the tribes that are the APPLE OF YOUR EYES. Almighty God, even the Churches that call themselves, “followers of Christ”, your Holy Son show prejudice against us. SWIFTLY MOVE AND REVEAL YOURSELF STRONG, BRING SEVERE PUNISHMENT UPON THEM AND LET THEM KNOW THAT WE ARE YOUR CALLED OUT ONES and not some man-made Europeans, who are living in our land, having no knowledge of Your LAWS. We promise that YOU delivering us will allow us to assemble back into our land, where we will offer the sacrifices of praise unto YOU. WE ARE TIRED…


  12. Africans don’t need your money, it has its diaspora who sends money to the continent regularly. Diaspora remittance is larger than aid organisations operating in Africa.You guys are confused, we don’t need you in Africa, you are better off in America or Israel 🇮🇱.

    From an African in Africa

  13. I say we just come together and do for self in moving to do right by YAH. We all know here in the USA some of their laws are against the laws of the most high YAH and if we do move to Africa we must do so in a way that we basically keep to ourselves with businesses, schools, and anything else we may need as a people. We must make a plea to the US to let our people, whom they imprisoned, go as basically they are still physically enslaved. The AU doesn't want those of us whom have been re-enslaved as we need to understand that. Together we have what it takes to make a new "Black Wall Street," but we all know what will happen to us if we try and make one in the land of our captors.
    As for trust, no, as trust has to be earned and not just given blindly. We need to go back to our old ways of living in that we grow our own food, raise our own livestock, and in general help one another to have everyone living good or at the very least having their basic needs met. I have a long ways to go in saving enough funds to make the trip so I will not be among the first to make the move out of this wicked nation. Since we know Christianity has made it's way over to Africa we must be on guard as we all know just what Christianity truly is.
    The reasons why we are leaving is most of us can see the USA is heading over a cliff. When the economy finally does fall it's going to make the great depression look like a walk in the park and these fools that hate us have a lot of guns. Thus if you are growing your own food and they know about it you are going to find out that their mindset is, "What theirs is theirs and what's yours is also theirs if they can take it away from you." That is the primary reason for leaving the USA for good, but my reason is this nation just goes too much out of its' way to go against the laws, statues, and commandments of the most high YAH.

  14. Warning Warning. Some of my coworkers are Hamites and they told me about fraudulent family members and close friends. Money sent to build houses, pictures of homes that belong to strangers are sent to deceive those sending the money.
    A coworker suffered a stroke and died of a heart attack because shipped his SUV along with furnitures and ice making machines to Ghana. His best friend took everything and disappeared.
    p.s. Most of them are Muslim countries with Sharia laws.

    Ghana is Christianity and Muslim.

  15. Thank you both so much for what you and your husband are doing, tell the truth…

    I do not think we should listen to anyone but the Most High God, then follow our spirit that God has given us… the lady that was given the speech gave a good one, but what I'm looking at is she herself do not live there, there is a lot there going on that we are not truly aware of.. the white man is not going to let us go and be free..

    Africa should be rich with all mother earth has given, Should not be NO black there without resort,
    But again white rules, so we must wait upon the Most High God because he Will set us free and we will no be beholding to no one but our God.. again I truly thank you and watch your videos all the time.. Yall are living in the right place Tennessee.

  16. In the Joseph program are they giving us the land free or do we have to buy it? If the land is not free you need cash to purchase it. You can’t finance it.

  17. I have said this so many times and I don't think most AA or Indigenous people understand what's at hand in Africa. There is a war brewing between the Europeans and Asians and Africa is the Mason Dixon line. This is chess not checkers. America and China now has military bases in Africa. Do Africans think it is for their protection??? No AA or any blacks in the diaspora should return to the same place that allowed "OUR AA" ancestors to be taken with zero being done about it for over 400 years. Then to hear how most Africans stereotype us does one think they'll roll out the red carpet when we return????And last but not least Africa doesn't have military power. So to go in a time when nations will be going to war world wide is a fatal move. I'll take my chances dying in the same place I know for an actual fact my ancestors blood, love and energy will remain throughout eternity. Our AA or whatever ancestors would turn over in their graves knowing we went back to the same place that put us here in the first place. We gotta trust our own liberation Africa isn't our God. And to be honest I just think the universe is serving justice on those who have mistreated the lost tribes. No matter their nationality if they're black and turned their back knowing the truth. Then hell fire is waiting to punish them right here on the planet earth. Never forget we were sold for fools gold so imagine what they'll do nowadays now that they are desperate to become a modern country. We can see how they're playing Europeans against the Chinese. And blacks in the foreign diaspora is no different. So no don't let these money hungry corrupt people use you. Remember the AU is no different than the NAACP funded by the Jews.
    All has been warned…

  18. Oldworld minded groups if this new world gets built and financed by us. The profit back to us would be .002%.
    Give me land and Finance and Profits are 60% and up.

  19. The Joseph Project is offering TOURISM to black people not land. They want blacks to come as tourist to see what it’s like and explore where they came from. Lol. Still trying to get our money.

  20. Deborah you need to check Ghana first before you say they’re offering land. Have you researched the Joseph Project?

  21. Years ago I visioned Our Israelite Talents learned here to 'broker' the resources with family in africa. Thought Obama might have had that us his sleeve. Silly me!
    Here is a freeby – Africa and especially Leaders – NO ONE EVER GETS TO TAKE OVER A RESOURCES MINE AGAIN! Create a Crypto Currency to Trade the actual product to pay your creditors over time not get sucka punched and business raped and business lynched!


  22. Me and my wife was thinking to start a business in Tanzania Africa. The business here in america is to help build businesses in Africa. My concern is that the AU's sticky fingers may chock the progression of the Afro Americans that may consider investing in Africa as a whole. We do agree that the other nations are a confederate against us; therefore, we would like to remain absent from all oppressive influences of other nations. If there is a program that has been developed I would like to further invest in the opportunities of that mission. Thank you Deborah Yah and Watchman Yahu for the updates. Shalom


  24. They should be trying to feed and house the poor men woman children that are there…. And stop trying to swindle us !!!!!

  25. We are suppose to return to Zion according to the scriptures. Where in the scriptures does it say we’re suppose to return to the land we fled to from Jerusalem? This is a huge deception.

  26. I appreciate both opinions that you read especially the first opinion because I plan to visit Africa next year but I viewed a video where it showed some of the Africans living so impoverish it is ridiculous. When you allow these outsiders to come in and do business on the continent use part of the proceeds to develop Africa for Africans. I believe it is so hypocritical for any nation to take care of outsiders before they take care of family.

  27. I would like to visit Ethiopia because for what I understand it is the only country that has not been colonized by the white man. I'm curious as to how this country in Africa is ran without the influence of the colonizers.

  28. The ambassador of the u.s. don't even live in Africa but want us to go Back to Africa and she live in the United States ain't this a bit@h!

  29. I thank you for your honesty and keeping it real. By the way I don't know who called you ugly. I think you are a BEAUTIFUL daughter of Yah. We love you family! Shalom.

  30. We are from the Northeast from land of ham, west of is not prophecy! Listen to our prophets and follow righteous instructions. My sister Ghana is not home, it was just a holding vessel that transfered us into the Diaspora.

  31. I don't agree with you. Think positive and not assumptions Africa is not a Jungle go down and have a look.


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