Life struggles are sending you the wrong signals

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  1. i love you guys… i have learned so much already because youΒ΄re teaching the psychology behind the scriptures as well… thank you and blessings

  2. Shalom family!! I love to hear Watchman pray before the lessons. Sister Deborah has a wonderful reading voice. Love to hear her read then expound.

  3. Thank so much for this lesson. It came across my YouTube at the perfect time
    Right at the time of confusion and impatience. Thank you for the KNOWLEDGE Yah has given to you. Blessings

  4. OH, Yes! I remember "tip toeing out." I'm so glad I did! I've been judged, told I have an unclean spirit and the works! Here I am still following YAH and HIS Torah. Keeping the Torah doing away with sacrificial and ceremonial laws. Thank you for this lesson. I appreciate every teaching. Absolutely love you, all YAH's children. HulleluYAH!

  5. Halleluyah! This is a 2nd witness for me. My struggles have definitely been sending me the wrong signals. I bless YAHUAH for the obedience of HIS servants when posting this message Love and praying for you all! Shabbat shalom family! πŸ€—

  6. A Great Teaching Brother Watchman and Sister Deborah and thanks for sharing this video. I pray Father Yah Blessings continue upon You and Your Family!❀

  7. I LOVE THIS MARRIAGE..they obviously tell each other EVERYTHING, anytime they tell a story, they each confirm the situation, its nothing neither have not heard about πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  8. 20:50 that's why I hate when people say if you aren't married, you cant give advice to a married person..I HAVE BEEN married, I KNOW what I did wrong, so I CAN speak on some things to help…thanx for confirming

  9. I know that when I do something against yeah I start crying one time I was crying that day and had to go somewhere to myself and cry all day until he take that morning off with me because I was so sorry for and I was so hurt about what I did to you and I know better or I knew better so that was a hard one my eyes was swollen and I had to wear shades all day I almost like I was born over a boyfriend or lover and yeah I wish you were the father it's my lover I've gotten rid of everything even men was my lover I love him and I will die for him I've given him kids everything when he told me to get him out of my house because they were doing things in my house and then he moved them gave my mind to not want to come back with the wrong frame of mind

  10. My life is very strange one time I dream in 1995 that I was in a place called Enoch I never saw that word before in my dream or in my life until that day that morning I woke up and I had a dream before I woke up rather I had a dream I was in a place called Enoch I was walking down this beautiful walk and everything was so beautiful though and I looked in the water it was so beautiful and crystal clear and the sign said welcome to Enoch and I said I'm back at enough but my brother was walking with me I don't know what brother it was because I never could see his face but I just knew it was my brother maybe my brother in the Lord or my natural brother I don't know can you please some insight on that one and I love your sex I study with them and I learn so much with your segments every morning

  11. I'm asking for prayer to rebuke the fear of driving again. I was in an accident which caused trauma and left me afraid to drive, especially driving the freeway and backing up. πŸ™


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