Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. Well that was definitely a very interesting lesson as well as long, time truly fly's when you're with the family. Time for bed and to get some rest in The Most High Yah's Strong Loving Arm's. Todah rabah bro TCA and much ahavah to you and Mrs TCA always APBTTMHY HALLELUYAH HALLELUYAH

  2. A previous video where the Jew(white) said the Children of YASHERAL looked like boxwood which was the color of the table he was sitting in front of. Now the The Jew (white) says he doesn't break his neck to justify what boxwood looks like 🤔😳🤣😆😐🙄!!! People just need to come clean about this whole WHITEWASHED MATRIX!!! Even if they don't YAHUAH is going to set the record straight 😅🤣😂😆 😂!!! WHAT'S BEEN CONCEALED WILL BE REVEALED!!! HALLELUYAH HALLELUYAH PRAISE BE TO YAHUAH ❤💙💜!!!!

  3. Wow did he ask more than once, "If we got to the TRUTH, what would be the implications?" So what do we currently have? A lie? To ask that question, one could perceive the TRUTH gives him fear. Only a scared person asks that question.

  4. Matthew 10:33 -KJV
    But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.

    Todah @ Thoughts Camera Action for your patience….. In this walk, being humble and patient, is a key point, and you my Brother , Thoughts Camera Action, you did! We saw that👑🦁👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽❤️

  5. After listening to the brothers it seems he needs to take his own advice and go back and study the scriptures. He clearly miss the point, you can raise your vibrations till the mountains come down if you don't except Yahshua as your saviour you are over. It's a gift you can't take it until it is given.TMH is who raise your vibrations. HalleluYah 1 Corinthians 15 : 51-57

  6. I am lost here. What is he saying I don't understand a word. Never rush with a good message. Sorry TCA you have enough patience for this man. As for I have to stop listening half way. Phew

  7. Even Jesus is wearing a mask now, people saw him in Walgreens getting is shots, so the doors are on lock down; now all you have left is the Hell that is run by these demons, and it will not get better until you put a stop to it.

  8. Hebrew is a made-up language. There is a book called The Man Who Invented Hebrew. He used the original language of the Scriptures, mixed it with Yiddish and others and made up Hebrew. The original language of the Chosen people, the Bantus, was Xhosa, Kikongo and other Bantu languages. FACT!!

  9. The most discriminated ones are the true ones. The fake are discriminating against the true. The pure ones look like The Most High (jasper, according to Rev 4: 2-3), a beautiful dark brown.
    The fake ones look like the devil (pale-skinned). He lost his pigmentation when he was kicked out of heaven.


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