Locust Plague could wipe out Africa, Repent Africa!

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Comment (22)

  1. At least they finally have a steady food source and when Trump wins again, the rest can be sent back to help their brothers and sisters.

  2. The locusts are in East African countries were there Islamic people not the whole of Africa,judgment is coming every person of African descent not all Africans .Black people globally should repent and drop their sins not African alone

  3. Okay, okay, okay! Sorry for the BUZZ kill! I just watched the "Every Praise" video by BRO WALKER! At, or about the 2:20 mark on the vid there were Baphomet symbols throughout the rest of the video! Careful, GREAT song! Questionable motives. It even SHOWS the Baphomet statue at the 2:26 mark. Sure, it's not the exact replica…but it's too close for comfort! Be not deceived young people! Peace! Out!

  4. Thas what they ass get how can u let the Chinese come in and take over YOUR land is they that weak 🙄🙄 how y what are u thinking are you not thinking

  5. YouTube removed my comment yesterday smh, but we are living in these last hours watching these events unfold right before our eyes! APTTMH YAH! 🙌🏽

  6. Why so many comments about" every one needing to repent not just Africa"?? This is known. Everyone needs to repent but doesnt Yah call ppl out specifically?? Come on y'all! Be humble and just say ok, yes Yah I will repent. Yah tells King David to repent and David's response is, "Yahuah, everybody need to repent" 🙄🙄. Oh please. Cast down pride and bow before Him.

  7. Locust plague not gonna wipe out Africa cause Africa is God's land and the future, if there's no Africa there won't be no life

  8. It's the hand of YAH at work. We are witnessing the fall of the heathen before our eyes. The Chinese have moved into Africa with big hopes of coming up on their natural resources, while the Most High is afflicting them more each and every day. The Chinese are trying to take a play out of Esau's playbook, separating the black women from their men, and polluting their seed. Now in the latter times the heathens are baffled that all their plans are being thwarted by an unseen force. The heathens are on their way out. The peril to the heathens is unseen with his evil eyes,however Yisrael envisioned this long ago and we see Him Face to face.

  9. You do not understand about ancestors. It's not worship it's in memory of the sacrifice they endured for us. So we could live for another day! The battle is not over, Yah is still watching over His people in Africa and around the world. 2Esdras 2:27-32.

  10. Here in Kenya, the most unfortunate thing is how people make a joke out of the locusts' plague. I pray that YHWH have mercy upon us, lest we all perish in His wrath and indignation. Be barukh and may your ministry open up our spiritual eyes and ears to do YAH's will. Shalom.

  11. This is the perfect time for God to really see how greedy the overly rich people really are. like I said it would have been taken care of right in the beginning if the top riches people would help out without worrying what they make out of it all.

  12. It's so sad that people that can but won't help people in need out that will suffer to get by on food alone, how do you watch what's going on and still not want to give up a nickel out of pocket to help, and help because you care about the children that will suffer.


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