Lost Book of the Infancy of Jesus Christ (Yahusha Ha Messiach) Part 2

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  1. Do any of you have any testimonies that witness people transforming or turning into animals in Africa or Haiti? Or anything similar or supernatural that happened? I would like to know I’m curious and interested, if you do, please tell me, and be honest please, thank you.

  2. Shalom family. What a beautiful and powerful message. Do you believe that because Yudah was the tribe who betrayed Yahusha  Ha Messiach, that they are receiving a more stricter or harsher form of the curses?What were the traditions or customs in which Eberites got married?

  3. that was an excellent sermon you really like my spirit but everytime I hear you to speak about the word your brains in a very good spirit in my spirit builds up my face and I really appreciate it and I just want to say thank you so much and God bless both of you to the utmost thank you

  4. Please help me to understand how we know without a shadow of a doubt that all these "lost" books are real scripture?

  5. Correction stop putting religion
    please. The godless say it is
    religions fault … as a badge
    of honour by wrongdoers
    "it is religion to blame 4 wars "
    This quote is wrong and not
    what God The Most High
    wants us to misuse the
    word religion .. Instead
    blame the man made laws
    and ego making unholy
    wars…Holy War is to kill
    bad teachers in other
    are a diverse subject
    what is a modern false
    prophet. There are white
    tyrants VS black tyrants
    who kill more than the
    white tyrants !!! Example
    in my comment. I just joined
    in the New Year 2018
    By Yah. Halleluyah…
    Why many Christians
    hide by a new name
    Prayer Warrior ? To cast
    out devils, being saved
    in the by God's Holy Spirit
    is the pride and respect
    going through PERSECUTION
    IS SAINTHOOD … 2018

  6. I am new to your vlogs but what I have seen has been very informative. I would like some advice from you guys. I have seen your videos on dealing with "spiritual battles" and I feel like they are truly on point- A LOT OF TRUTH. Let me say, I still have a long walk but I love my Lord and Savior. Long story short, I know that God's people all have gifts. I have been given the gift of insight, intuition and awareness. All my life I have had really bizarre things happen to me, really strange coincidences, I have been SUPER aware of my existence to the point of remembering being in the hospital at birth- true story. I have been saved by angels on more than one occasion and satan HATES me! He hates those of us who continue to give God ALL OF THE GLORY and that is one thing I love about you all and your family. As of late, I feel like a new dimension of awareness has opened up. 2017 was a hard year and I have had some absolutely crazy experiences. This stuff is real folks. So to get to the point, the enemy is attacking my home, he has taken my children, they passed away 10 years ago. Their father was one of his workers and I was totally stupid and finessed by this monster to the point that I made seriously stupid decisions. But God is great because I would still be living an unpleasing life if I had not been hit hard with this loss and finally fully awakened! Now he is using an entire government agency to try to take my baby nephew. He is a little black boy who is with some really wicked people. They have lied, I have called them out on their lies and they continue to lie! You would not believe the demons that are in these people. I've had a director tell me he was ashamed of the actions of his staff and that he sympathized. He actually said that he knows there is a God and blah blah blah, and he was going to do this and that, only to have him ignore me! These demons are psychotic! After all of this talk this man never followed up with me as he said he would. And you would think your brown brothers and sisters would help but I talked to a black lawyer who was so unsympathetic. All he was worried about was his "benjamins!" Then all other so called sistahs provided advice but then everyone is so scared…they are scared to death like they are going to lose all of their worldy possessions if they stand up for what is right! I even contacted a Senator's office. The person there was working with me, but then nothing after I wrote a letter or two. She told me that this agency could retaliate, but she's scared! I'M NOT SCARED TO STAND UP FOR TRUTH IN THIS WORLD TODAY! THESE PEOPLE HAVE MANIPULATED, CONNIVED, LIED AND DESTROYED- THEY ARE DEVILS IN THE FLESH AND SHOW NO REMORSE FOR NOTHING! They are supposed to be the most loving agency but they are destroying children left and right! And Satan does not want to put a child in my care because he KNOWS he will be raised as a "God fearing" human, a most upright young man who knows his heritage. Instead this agency wants this baby with people who celebrate Halloween, embrace the gay lifestyle, lazy, and they have absolutely NO black friends! Why do you want this black child for anything other than personal gain. They don't even acknowledge me. They're violating rules left and right and it's ok for them. Why have an attitude with someone who naturally wants a child who is blood related? PURE EVIL because I am interfering with the agenda- And for anyone who is not believing that this stuff is not real – PLEASE WAKE UP! So, sorry so long, but this is only a fraction of the big picture. But I give this testimony and I hope it reaches you. I mean I am the type of person who feels convicted if I don't do all I can for someone but these people are lying in court and in your face…I mean they are psychopathic to the point that they believe their own lies! What do you feel I can be doing better in the eyes of Elohim? Maybe this pain is all a part of my journey but I just have not found any strong voices other that the voices I hear online. No one has courage in my family or circle of friends. Everyone is so passive while I'm absolutely outraged especially when I see these devils trying to destroy these babies! Pray for me fam and pray for our children. Any advice is appreciated. God bless you.


  8. There are deformed people, retarded people, blind, deaf and dumb people. Some born this way, some afflicted later.
    Some have been called out as demonic, to no avail, even believing and living for YAHOSHUAH. Where do you turn then?

  9. Here we go with this multiple wives and children thing, again. This sin was probably responsible, because this man bought the curse to his own home.
    Now, turn to this modern day evil. Rape, murders, cheating, thievery, etc., yet unanswered. These are reasons people don't believe.

  10. 121:01, is my fervent prayer. YAH, reveal to me now, what blocks the healing of my 30 year old grandson and this severe retardation that is upon him.
    While we've been praying, praising, worshiping and sacrificing, going on all types of fasts….nothing…..

  11. hey fam i wanted to know about all the "lost" or books that were cut out of the original bible please if you have a list please post it in response.

  12. Please my brother, don't refer to our LORD Yeshua Messiah as JC. Familiarity breeds contempt. He is to be respected at all times. The world defames our Savior everyday. Let us uphold His name in everything. We are a people called by His NAME. Thank you for your consideration in this matter. Thanks to you and your wife for the work you have done. "Whited Out" 1 is a master piece. Praise YAH !

  13. Plz cover the scriptures at Malachi 4:5 and again in Matthew “look I am sending to you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and awe-inspiring day of yah. Matthew 17:12 I say to you that Elijah has come… what is your thoughts on Elijah? Thanks my bro & Sis!

  14. Off topic, but The Watchman and Sister Yah are running that house in smoooooooth order. At about 51:51 on the tape, The Watchman motioned something to those children and he he had a serious look on his face. Sister Deborah did not skip a beat in her reading/explanation and I heard no one in the background whining and complaining. IMPRESSIVE.

  15. So what you saying what you prepare against others shall also be prepared for yours. So what you think you are accomplishing against me intentionally Shall be accomplish against you.

  16. Good morning@ Watchman Yahu & Deborah Yah!!!
    I have a question….
    What were the real names of Adam & Eve?
    Thank you for replying!!!!

  17. If these books were supposed to be lost, why is the name of Jesus christ in those old lost books.did the enemy re write all of the so called lost book.im just asking for some clarity,if possible.PEACE

  18. I can't believe you are reading from a fraudulent fake book and using it as scripture, I like you both but you really have to stop it with these extra Biblical text from these fraudulent writings, these apocryphal writings have been debunked a long time ago. The Word says that if you add one jot or one tidle to His Word that He'll add the plagues onto you. Please, please stop using these fake books as Scripture. These books were written by random people who may or may not have been around during that time, now you talking about Faries, c'mon stop this craziness.

  19. We always say that God knows everything he knows who's who's fake and who's not he know who believes in him and who don't there's no fooling him man seems to forget that man can fool man but he can fool God who knows what you going to do or say before you get here so I am not worry about it cuz if anyone knows my heart he do because God said judge not yet ye be judged so I'm not going to judge how people think your job is your job is to put the word out there our job is to search our souls l believe what the Bible says ask and he will answer God knows everything do you truly believe that he wouldn't know what we're thinking

  20. It's true. I had a cat that clearly would call my first name and another who called me 'mummy'. So animals do talk even though limited, today. There is also a dog I have seen online that says 'I love you'.


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