Lottery: The (government) Scam No One Sees

Why the Government Loves the Lottery
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Seeing the billion dollar jackpots pop up all over the news had me wondering: why does the government run the lottery and what do they do with all that money?

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Comment (31)

  1. The lottery isn't a tax on the poor because poor people voluntarily buy it. Out of desperation, sure but that's another topic. I do agree it should be spent better though

  2. The answer for the question in the end is because i love your content and i love to hear you last thoughts on any topic you cover. Wish i can support but i can barely support myself as i am a college student in the worst economic crisis since the mid 19th century :/

  3. So the lottery is a scam because it's a tax nobody forces you to pay? Gives you a chance to win lots of money but if you don't win the money you paid for nothing? Okay? We all pay taxes that go to stuff we don't personally use. At least this one is not mandatory.

  4. Gambling is just a tax on stupid. It's never a good idea to gamble unless you're just doing it for fun and don't care if you lose.

  5. Johnny don’t promote betterhelp. That shizz is a borderline scam that mines your most sensitive data, and underpays and underserves the therapists who work for them.

  6. Harris, and you thought we wouldn't mind the blurb in the middle of a research note…
    What does it matter, right?
    Total they cut the videos normally for advertising almost everywhere .. You just have to let it go as if it were natural.

  7. I'm ok with allowing some gambling at casinos, but I find it abhorrent to run government-sponsored lotteries. We shouldn't try to fund necessary programs based on people's gambling addictions.

  8. The lottery exists to keep actual taxes a little lower. It helps government and civilians work together easier.
    Gambling will always exist and a certain individual will always be the one gambling more. Doesn't matter if you ban it.
    To ban it means taxes WILL go up to compensate. You should be praising it unless you like paying higher taxes. Let those who can't control themselves pay more.
    It's better than the trouble that comes from illegal gambling.


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