Louis de Mieulle – "Nanobot" (live at the Breeding Ground)

“Nanobot”, from the album “Stars, Plants & Bugs” (Dalang! Records).
(lossless, cds) https://ldemieulle.bandcamp.com/album/stars-plants-bugs
(mp3) https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/stars-plants-and-bugs/id1016741752

[…] “Underground, parasites and outcasts meet at The Nanobot, a shabby bar where roaches, spiders and tapeworms drown their sorrow in cheap lichen liquor…”

“Stars, Plants & Bugs” is a multi-genre concept album about Life, Death and Rebirth, disguised as a surreal story involving vibrant constellations, ancient trees and neurotic insects.

“The arrangements drift seamlessly from modernistic electronic and sci-fi fuzzed bass backgrounds, to venture forth across spacious cosmic vastness, to dropping in on rarefied alt-lounge jazz piano respectfully paying homage to ancient wonder”. (Roger Trenwith – The Progressive Aspect)

Louis de Mieulle – bass, composition
Matt Garstka – drums
SharpEye – flute
Casimir Liberski – keyboards

Recorded, mixed and edited at The Breeding Ground, Brooklyn by Tariq Khan and Nikki Birch.


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  1. in the emotional sense…it feels like the machinations of an evil genius and an unsettling event on the horizon….technical, beautiful and surprisingly delicate.

  2. How this isn’t more popular is absolutely beyond me. The level of musicianship has been taken to an absolute whole new level. Matt Garstka is a fucking legend.

    Btw they changed the last chord on the piano breakdown at 3:01. I’m not sure maybe he added a few extensions but that chord is an absolutely amazing resolution to the tension of the previous chords. These guys are fucking geniuses.


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