Louis Farrakhan NOI Controlled Opposition or Rogue?

Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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Comment (26)

  1. Farrakhan does not look ethnically ambiguous! He looks like most of the indigenous black people of the United States! I could be related to him,.. and both of my parents are black!

  2. The cult of Khan and Farad is a trojan horse designed to keep those who subscribe to it confused while thinking they're enlightened. The book "message to the black man" is simply a parasitic inventive book.

  3. Great teaching brother TCA.

    You mentioned you did not mind IUIC cartoon series. The IUIC cartoon throw up baphomets & symbols. Check out the Samson episode.


  4. Controlled opposition. BLM is also controlled opposition. People need to wake up and return to the Great Holy One, his spirit will guild them, no need of a leader, ruler, spokesperson. Our Creator has told us this a million times but we are too stiff neck to listen. We have the Race Managers (Black Political Class) and the Boule, they all have done more harm to our people. The Creator will start with them (Race Managers Black Political Class, Boule, BLM, Sharpton, Jackson etc) with destruction before the eyes of their masters. The Creator always starts with his people first who are wicked before destroying the enemy. The white Congressmen/women, Senate and President will be shocked to see these wicked people destroyed before their eyes, because they will realize it will be worst for them.

  5. I have a theory about why some of these brothers are members of the NOI (as well as the so-called Camps), who attempt to teach as if they truly know what they are talking about, or truly think that their audiences are children with no research or analytical skills: they appear to be agents from the enemy who are probably facing prison sentences for some crime they have committed, if they do not recruit people into their foolishness. These brothers appear to be committed to their story, yet have never really studied the details of what they support. I honestly think that they must perpetuate this lie in order to keep their freedom (or in many cases, their lives). Malcolm X had analytical skills which were sharp when he applied them to some of the problems the Black man was faced with. However, those same skills were not applied to the NOI as they were to the civil or human rights in America. Those same skills became more dull as he continued to pursue Islam, after departing from the NOI. In one of his speeches, Malcolm accurately handled Genesis 15:13 as referring to the Negro in America. He then went off elaborating on the mythology taught to him by Elijah Muhammad. Elijah Muhammad appeared to have been some kind of agent perpetuating this fantastic story, which lured many people into believing. 10% truth surrounded by 90% lies. Just enough of the Scriptures to get you to listen, then BAM, the foolishness of everything else. The Camps may have a higher percentage for the truth (maybe 40 or 50%) but it's that other 60 or 50% that makes them targets for criticism or opposition. Truth exposes all lies, yet the enemy is an expert at using just enough truth to fuel his lies.

  6. That the Shriners and Jesuits set up Islam. I learnt that back in the 90s by reading Chick Comics and tracts and I thought everybody knew that Fard Muhammad was a white/jew dude who used to sell silk scarfs to the black community in Detroit.

  7. Farard Muhammad was Indonesian… The enemy fights by infiltration of the mind and the bloodlines of men and women which is why God said not to mix nations and tribes, with that being said all black men in North Africa and in both Americas has been infiltrated in both minds and bloodlines, which God said he will fix when he comes for us 1st our minds and next through separation or death our bloodlines…

  8. Look closely at the so-called honorable man's eyes and words closely with the spirit of Yah. You will hear and see the lies. Lying and making up doctrine and numbers as he goes along.

  9. Hmm…I actually learned this stuff, not from this Hittite, but from a group of Black Nuwaabian (I think that's what they called themselves, they were based somewhere in Georgia USA…their literature spoke of all kinds of tribes and beings just like TCA). Your research is impeccable because I learned of much of what you teach since 1989. Thank you for the refresher and much more.


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