Macedonian Wars: First Roman Intervention in the Hellenic Affairs

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We are starting a new animated historical series on the Macedonian Wars. This conflict was crucial both for the Roman republic and the Hellenic States and featured the famous battles like Cynoscephalae and Pydna during which the classic encounters between the legion and the phalanx took place. Its results set up a new historical reality for the region for many centuries to come, playing a huge role in the creation of the Greco-Roman world.

Roman Legion Against Macedonian Phalanx:

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The video, alongside Machinima for it was created by Malay Archer while the script was written by Matt Hollis. Thumbnail by Robbie McSweeney.

This video was narrated by Officially Devin ( &

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  1. As a historian working on the period, I must say I'm very impressed with the Channel's high-quality research. Some minor comments: 1) amicitia does not necessarily suppose a patron-client relationship (see Burton's criticism to Badian's classic 1958 work). 2) Demetrius' pillaging expeditions were mainly directed South and East against the Greek shores of the Ionic an campaigns. 3) I would love to see a later video covering the 211/05 campaigs, riddled with fascinating historiographical questions: Livy becomes the main source here, replacing the lost Polybian parts, but there's much we can know from him about Roman movements.

  2. the ROUTES OF RISE TO SELF-DESTRUCTION of greece and rome are the same… too far distant military expeditions and over-expansion of territories … plus the court of rome and the court of athens only take care of their internal powers positions… A REAL PITY…

  3. If Alexander had not died or named a Successor that would have prevented the Diadochi Wars, would Rome have ever been able to rise? I tend to doubt it as once the Macedonian army returned to Greece they would be briefed on Rome's conquest of their Latin neighbors in the Samite Wars. If there was one leader that allowed the united Pan-Hellenic Army created by the League of Corinth, I believe that their strategy of conquest would be altered to address Rome. Alexander was aware of Rome prior to leaving Greece and included Rome in his potential future plans of conquest, albeit, at the time of Alexander's death, the Arabian Peninsula was paramount in his plans, however, those plans certainly were not set in stone, and if anything, Alexander the Great had manifested an innate ability to morph his strategy on the fly pursuant to the development of the circumstances as he did for example at Tyre, and/or the Sogdiana Rock. The Greeks were able to defeat the Romans in the Italian Peninsula when Alexander's second-cousin, King Pyros of Epirus defeated the Romans in back-to-back battles at such a heavy cost in men, the famous phrase 'Pyrrhic Victory' emanates from. While King Pyros was an excellent conqueror, he was nowhere near Alexander the Great, nor did he have anything at his disposal in terms of manpower that Alexander assembled by the time of his death. It's difficult to believe that if the Three Wars of the Successors had never occurred, the Pan-Hellenic Empire would have been the one that lasted over a thousand years instead of Rome.

  4. You guys should really dive into the illyrians, a lot of wars against Philip of Macedon etc, The illyrian tribe of Dardania was very powerful with their king Bardylis which acutally means white star in Albanian.

  5. Just finish the history of Roman empire and its war with carthage. Now I was searching for how Roman dominated Mediterranean sea, so I found this. Love your work. Please keep making one. Subscriber From philippines. 🇵🇭❤️

  6. Crazy how this changed the world and people don’t talk about it .
    Greeks under Macedonian empire controlled most of the world revolving around the Mediterranean.

    All of the alexandrian cities spread across the world, Greek controlled Egypt and parts of Middle East.

    The Greeks were setting up to control the world and the Roman’s snatched it from them at their full strength. Greece was stronger than it had ever been when Rome started Macedonian wars, it was these wars that dismantled all of Greece .

    Alexander’s great empire quickly became separated after his death, meaning Greece went back to city states rather than a great empire with one great army.

    It was this city state system that allowed a rising Rome to divide and conquer, Macedonian army during Philip had to be a fraction of Alexander’s empire. All of Greece was United under alexander.

    Less than a hundred years after Alexander’s conquest the wars to dismantle Greece began

    Less than two hundred years after conquering the world. The Greeks themselves were conquered and enslaved.

    Nothing like this has ever happened . The ancient world was truly a world with armies more powerful than we can understand or imagine.

    The great Greek army was divided but it was still the military that conquered the world. And they were conquered by Rome. Think about that

  7. To think that Alexander’s great empire separated into so many city states once again, this was the Greeks undoing, Roman republic was one solid state and they were able to swallow Greece.

    Imagine if Greece as one fighting force such as Alexanders fought Rome.


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