Macron finishes ahead of Marine Le Pen in first round of French presidential elections | WION

In France, the first round of voting for the presidential election concluded. Partial results after the first round are putting incumbent president Emmanuel Macron in first place ahead of far-right candidate Marine Le Pen.

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Comment (26)

  1. Ofcourse because the refugees also vote and they gain majority. France is not going to have democracy for its French people. It will be governed by refugees

  2. They are not saying that Le Pen and Macron were equal on exit polls. This suggests that Le Pen will win.

  3. Were there no mention that Macron also increased his result from the last presidential election' s first round? From 24% to 27,6% which is a growth more than Le Pen got.

  4. Ahahaha 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Indians are mad the pro Russian person isn’t going to get elected

  5. What the woke really wants you to know is that they DO NOT want a real strong female leader. They want a pushover, incompetent and dumb woman as a facade like some US democrats. Otherwise, they'd celebrate a potential first female president who is more than qualified for the job.

  6. If George Sorros is happy with one of them that one will win. Elections are nothing more than a show to give the people the idea of freedom.

  7. Le Pen has the most balanced vision! Machine will only do what ever Klaus Schwaub wants him to do and this includes more Scamdemic grifting!

  8. I can't believe that in a country literally f&cked by the WEF puppetin the last 2 years,someone would vote with macron. It's Stockholm syndrome i guess.

  9. UNSUBSCRIBED from WION as it keeps becoming more and more like other mainstream medias.
    There is absolutely no need to call a nationalist person, A FAR RIGHT EXTREMIST repeatedly. All it does is make bias in a person's mind. So yeah, FU WION.

  10. Noone in France votes for Macron…so how can he end first? Because if voting would make a difference, they would make it illegal…

  11. Je vois prophétiquement Marine Le Pen gagné au deuxième tour d'une différence de 3 à 4 % sur sur le président sortant Macron. Elle tient dans sa main droite le drapeau de la France.

  12. Even if Le Pen wins presidency, it does not mean she can control France. If Trump can't control America, Le Pen won't also be capable to control France. If people wanted to do something about the New World Order, they should have done it 20 years ago. Everything is already centralizing into one government body that is unseen. Cyberpunk 2077 becoming a reality.


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