Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. Glamour is the works of vampires, it's what they do to their victims before sucking the life out of them (beguiled). Catfish is claiming to look like nothing you do.. Thank photoshop it seems to be an app attached to phone camera's these days weather you want it activated or not! Let's not forget it was fallen angels that taught women to make, make-up! 🤔💭
    I always said that they carried samples from Antarctica 🇦🇶 when they went there in 2015 saying that there they found land and hot springs.. after all that was what they was making the excuse!!!
    Let's not forget Buzz came back speaking of grave evil 😈 just before he died!

  2. I knew there was a reason I could not stand make-up. Gosh that's so disgusting and scary, my wife wondered why I don't like makeup and it's reasons like this. Makeup is simply making up an identity that is not your own. Any 'make-up' that would be permissibl even though I would not call it that is simply oil, essential oils, and foods that's it in my opinion.

  3. I said this very thing to my friend after watching a woman change before my eyes using makeup. It's faker than a weave and more magical than Disney. We are truly at the end. Thanks for another great video.

  4. Idk if you have touched on it, but let the neophytes learn of "operation fish bowl" also, don't forget the sprinkle of going in more on the hollow earth. I believe personally that's how there are giants in these last days as well. Just my theory.

  5. Although i just commented on someone else's comment below. The next illness that came out after om ni cron was… BIRD/ "BYRD" (Avian) FLU!!!

    YAH have mercy on us!

  6. Catfish is creating a fake identity on line and building relationships with people through that deception. They usually post other peoples photos as their own.

  7. I always said this whole make-up trend is to help the trans men blend in more with regular females. They need make up to make them look more feminine, so if all females wear make up they'll look like any other female. Makeup is definitely deceitful especially those who cake their faces with it.

  8. Makeup in moderation is not witch craft. I view it like jewelry. Putting color on your lips is the same as adorning yourself with a gold necklace or a nice red blouse. I also view it as an art form as well. Everything in moderation.

  9. Men they would not be able to deceive you if you were not looking for this type of beauty. Remember it is about power and acceptance. Theses women too are victims in that they are looking for acceptance and love from men who are probably incapable of loving real women in their true form.

  10. Magic, fornication, abortion, immodesty, homosexuality is all normalised. Good has been swapped for bad and bitter for sweet. I'm the odd one out everywhere I go 😅 boi. Yahshua please come get us soon

  11. Scary! Point taken, about the make-up, as it is Yah's will. However, this appears to have given way to an exercise in 'female bashing' for some; and we all know that this is not a female-only spirit/sickness.

    A lot of men get exactly what they desire, coz they seek and chase after society's standard of perfection, which is typically eurocentric. In addition, many men are using the same deceptive magic tricks to elovate their own persona and boost their ego – from steroids to plastic surgery, hair implants, tatooing, skin bleaching, blinged-out teeth and even make-up. Yes! Men are also wearing make-up.😞

    Luv the Antarctica info. brother TCA. Very informative, as per! 👍

  12. Catfish is the beautiful girl….then when you contact the TV Show Catfish (USA) u meet the real person usually not attractive. Sometimes not a male (if pretended to be male) or vice versa. Catfish is not the real person who contacted you. 😔

  13. I went into a laughing fit over the woman selling her 'stink' in a jar shown in the first 10 minutes of this vid, which is a form of erotica and/or fetish. Some people are just drawn to the worse and weirdest things. Children of Israel, please let us not be into things of deep, dark fantasies.

  14. Watching this reminded me of a scene drom jurastic park, when they where flying and there was hidden island with lush land and dinosaurs. I always thought it was strange thar only certain people could go to this place , Google maps you can't scroll past Antarctica. This world is a mystery


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