Make Better Virtual Keynotes

This the first of a series that I’m calling tiny talks. It looks at how you can make better virtual keynotes for virtual conferences.

#virtualkeynotes #virtualconferences #speakertraining

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  1. I love this so much.
    I spend me whole life tuning out of things done virtually and assume I'm just incapable of listening, but then this comes along and you engross me and I realizes it's about wonderful energetic people who put energy in and say useful stuff fast. Thank you.

  2. Marcus,
    Why don't you list your hardware and all the tools you are using down in the description with affiliate links, like every good Youtuber? 🙂
    PS: I loved the video

  3. I’ve just had to stop myself binge watching everything you have here because .. I have other stuff to do today. Wonderful. Totally engaging. Every tiny talk a little masterpiece.


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