Mammography Screening Truth, LIES & Controversy

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Comment (32)

  1. Thanks brother Jordon for another good health report may the Most High Yahusha bless your family😊

  2. I hopefully have taken my last Mammography,my insurance push this,and this is an agenda for money…

  3. Awesome! People ask me why I haven't gotten one and when I tell them, they look at me as if I'm against other women who have cancer.🙄 I ask them why they don't focus on nutrition and removing toxic chemicals from their homes instead, because Susan G is a lie & a thief. All they do is take advantage of people….after they poison them. I've never been to a cancer walk, but I may have to set up a natural wellness table and share the truth! Keep it up, Brother! I will be sharing this as well.

  4. My Cousin just passed away from this on the 11th. She was trying heal naturally but I think it was too late I just don't know

  5. Ladies take heed! The Doc is telling the truth about mammograms. I see it over again patient's having to come back for further testing and it's only calcification. No signs of suspension of malignancy

  6. There are 50 ways to Sunday that I can attest to, both personally and professionally, that what he is saying is 1000% correct.

  7. Don’t cancer cells find their way to damaged tissue in the body? And can’t mammograms damage sensitive breast tissue? I don’t know, but it seems like there could be a link between all these mammograms and more breast cancer than ever. All this health care sure seems to have made us sicker than we’ve ever been.

  8. I will never get mammography, again. I had a bad reaction to the last one I had, my skin was burnt on the outside of my breasts, and my breasts burned on the inside for months later. I have been getting them for last 10 years, starting at age 39, Family history. I do not feel for me it's the right thing to do. Thank you for all you do for us . Hugs and Love Oh ya , when I told my Dr . and showed her the burns she said " that that can't happen" then wanted to book one for next year! What ?

  9. United healthcare has been worrying me to get a mammogram lately..
    I'm not taking it… Period. Thanks. I'm too old…70 and I don't believe in radiation enter my body. Pretty healthy 😉😁😉😉 thanks to YAH 👍

  10. I won’t get anymore of these because they told me I had a mass and when the doc did the biopsy before he stuck me he said he knows it’s not cancer. He couldn’t get to the mass the first time and it was painful 😣 but I didn’t understand why the biopsy if they knew it wasn’t cancer! Then they sent me the bill!! At that point I said I am not going back for that! I realized it is a scam!!

  11. The Most High told me to stop taking them they weren't safe! We have to change our life styles and eat healthier and dump relaxers.

  12. There was a tv show called THE RESIDENT. It had half of the season talk about a oncologist that perscribed her special double chemo treatment to people who did not have cancer. They also had episodes of where a medical device company named Qvarius sent out faulty heart valves that killed people cause they was shiped cheap from China and not made in the US like the company claimed

  13. I agree and I'm a nurse. I got two but no more and I never had a flu shot but I'm not happy that they're making out kids get shots, yea back in the day I feel shots was ok but now I don't know. I have to pray for my grandkids .


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