Man in the Mirror – Watchman old message from MORE THAN 10 YEARS AGO

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  1. Bless you Watchman I don't want him back. I even hate the old man. I plan on changing the way I dress, talk all that. I already cut out many unclean acts. Great video. Things have got much better over the past year now the new man will increase. Halleluyah.

  2. Man this is a powerful message. I love your ministry watchman. Yahuah bless you and your loved ones abundantly

  3. His hair and him wearing a cap, dang lol never thought I’ll see the day. A lot has happened within in 10 years. HalleluYAH

  4. Something I love about Watchman and his family, they are so humble and willing to show us how to grow. I was once like this, saying God and calling myself Christian. When I look back I realise how much Yahuha loves us, listening to us calling on god instead of Him. He knew one day He would wake us up, open our eyes and show us the correct path to walk on. I am in the UK and there is no Elder to teach and no Hebrews to meet with. I consider Watchman to be my Elder. While this is a serious looking back message, I smile and thank Yahuha for educating us day by day, year in year out.

  5. Praise yah may yah get grloy I see he use the strong and not the weak In life u gotta won't it heart body and soul halleluyah for the spirit of thruth on u brother change do come when yah comes 😎

  6. Brother Watchman This Is a Great Video!! Yah Blessed You and Your Family with Wisdom and Talent!! HalleluYah!!!

  7. To Deborah…. Again, The BOOK OF THE LAW is the vision of our Saviour….That new testament is a vision of falsehood and lies….you teach against your KING OF ALL THE HEAVEN & EARTH and you, my dear, as inconceivable as it seems in your mind and world, you like so many women rich or poor, married, divorced, or single are leading your people astray, Again Genesis-Malachi only you rebellious woman

  8. I battle everyday with the old man!!! Failing is not an option!!! Pray for Me Family!!! Much Love Family!!

  9. I really like to thank you with all my heart for placing this video on YouTube. Lots of times we hear the word and still we have no real understanding of how to apply it. This video illustrated in a simplistic way of the "old man" converting into the "new man". For the first time in 35 years I understand how to achieve salvation! Thank you, for I am no longer held hostage because of my past sins! Bless you and your family, forever!

  10. Oh my! Clutch the pearls! This is a wonderful sketch! Truly shows how your faith have grown! Father Yah is so patient with all of us!


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