Mandela Effect Mind Control Deceptions are Satan's Devices,Tricks & Distractions Fiona Broome

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  1. It never ceases to amaze how many people get distracted by non-sense and then wonder why their lives are in shambles. Focus on your salvation people and stop drinking the kool-aid of deception, distraction and lies. And for those that continue to come on the channel to add to the distraction. Butt-clowns. And that's putting it nicely.

  2. You're either a straight up troll or one of those that think praying alone will cure you on your death bed from cancer. I understand not giving away your power but sitting on your ass ignoring what's OBVIOUS isn't gonna help either. Lady the Illuminati is real as it gets. watch the Gotthard Tunnel opening ceremony and tell me it's NOTHING to worry about. You keep your rose colored glasses on all you want. When these people take over because you're too busy sitting and waiting for someone else to make a change for you instead of paying attention and crying at the rooftops for what you see that's going wrong, you'll have no one to blame but yourself on how far they get because you think you can "will and pray" them away! I don't think God appreciates or promotes laziness in his name.

  3. God bless you…I needed to hear your message as I too have become engulfed with the nonsense that the enemy is trying to feed us. I am on a mission to stay focused and not allow the clutter of man's confusion to cloud my spirit filled judgment.

  4. I agree, and disagree with what you are saying here. I disagree When you imply that we are "Following" this woman who named this Grand Delusion, the Mandela effect, just because we believe it is happening, and are researching it. I follow the Most High YAH, and i also believe Yeshuah Hamashiach when he said "Matthew 24:42 To Watch, for you know not what hour your Lord doth Come." He wants us to Watch, and be Alert to his coming, and to know when we see signs, and wonders, and these types of things come to pass that redemption draweth nigh. That tells me we are to be vigilant. For me personally i have researched this grand delusion, because i want to be alert to what is happening so i am not deceived with what is going on in secret, and what else is about to come from this. If i ignore it, imagine the grand deceptions that i am willfully allowing to blind myself to, as this thing gets bigger, because more IS coming from this whole "Mandela Effect". Satan knows he has but a short time, and is using these scientists to do his work, and little does he know he is playing right into the end of days.

    I do Agree with you 100% however when you say that if we allow ourselves to be "Sucked" into this stuff, then we are taking ourselves out of the protection. If we are spending more time in the devices of what the Devil is doing, then we are in the Scriptures, then we got a problem, and YES i AM Guilty of having done that. Listening to what you said, although i do not agree with much of what you are saying when it comes to ignoring these things, has helped me get a reality check that though it is good to know and be alert to what is going on, i should not be "Dwelling", and spending so much time as i have on this grand delusion. You say this is not that Serious, but Sister it Is very serious! Like i said, this is part of the End times. False Miracles, and wonders. However YAHWEH is in Control! Hallelujah!

    About 3 days into finding this out i did have a 5 minute cry about the fact that some of my reality has been changed, because it is hard to take in. This is the supernatural we are dealing with. In the Scriptures, Daniel when he saw the first vision, he was sick, for certain days (Daniel 8:27). When he had the next vision he was in mourning for 3 weeks, and did not want to eat pleasant bread, or meat, or drink any wine, or even anoint himself with oil until the 3 weeks were full filled. (Daniel 10:31) So to say we should maybe check our mental stability, which is to say that maybe we are mentally unstable, is wrong of you to say. At 4:44 you say "weather there is some truth to this stuff or not". That shows me that you have not even looked to see that this is really happening, Sister. Yes Illuminati "THEY" are Foolishness. Never the less they exist, and are being used by Satan Heavily to bring about his agenda, New world order, and the Antichrist. The Scriptures make many references proving that the earth is in Fact Flat. And you know what? When i learned that, it made me awe in wonder at YAHWEH, and how Awesome, and how indescribably genius of a mind he has. It brought me closer in my walk with the Great I AM, to the Great I AM. HIS Truth is Amazing. So please do not condemn all of us as a whole, seeking HIS Truth out, and be so quick to Judge us all who are looking at the signs. Daniel 12:4 YAH tells Daniel that in the end times, Knowledge shall be increased. There is nothing wrong with learning the Truth that has been hidden from us by these wicked Elite, that the Most High has so graciously been revealing in these times to those who have eyes to see. Yes lets not Dwell on what Satan is up to, especially to the point where you're spending more time on that then on the Scriptures. But let us not be ignorant of Satans devices either, and be willfully ignorant of what is going on in these last days.

    God Bless you all who read this, and Look Up for your redemption is drawing nigh! AMEN!

  5. amen, this delusion is another one of the enemy's tricks to deceive people and allow their thoughts or beliefs to be corrupted. quote. "there will be a great deception in the last days" rev.

  6. Well all my old Bibles have most certainly changed bottles instead of wine skin,s, bring thine enemeis to slay them instead of bring thine enemies to show me , not to mention many other parts of the bibles im sure you must see this changes, and im white, you are saying im desecended from fallen angles , im sorry this is very very racist

  7. I struggle a lot with these conspiracies, sister, and I appreciate the msg you're putting out. I can see how as a babe in the faith and word how these can become distractions and stumbling blocks.

  8. I love you you are definitely my rude awakening thank you very much and God bless you forever and ever👍🏻❤️❤️

  9. Hypnotized by the lies with blue eyes?! With those words she exposed herself. No one will be able to 'see' with racism in their heart.

  10. I live in San Diego I would like to know what Bible to have so I can continue being with YAH I was raised catholic but it never felt right. so if you could refer a Bible with YAHOSHUA'S name in it or a original bible all my bibles say jesus in them should I continue to use my kjv Bible or it doesn't matter. Please help

  11. Thank you for being kind to us that are effected. He is getting me out of this and I am finding our some of the mind control technology that can make this possible. Thank you for your kindness. What I have been teaching the most is to be kind to each other no matter what side of the fence your on.

  12. They are changing the bible using CERN and the D-Wave quantum computer. Daniel warned us. Yeshua also said that someday we would famine to hear the word of God but we can't. Why? Because of the fallen angel technology.

  13. If you can't see anything that has changed or experienced any of the various effects yourself then what gives you the right to tell anyone who may have experienced many different things that they are delusional. I would not tell you that you were delusional if you were the one to experience many changes. This is a very small minded view of this subject.

  14. What are the days of Noah that Christ tells us the end days will be like? This is just part of the revelations of awaking out of sleep to his Bride. Both the wise and the unwise virgins were asleep. The oil is obedience. To be obedient we must wake up to the fact that Christ kept the Torah as the Most High's instructions of how to live righteously & not like the rebels. Yes we are forgiven when we repent which is to depart from sin and believe in Christ's blood as atonement for our sin but 1 John 3:4 tells us what sin is & Rev 12 shows us we need the testimony of Yeshua  forgiveness( grace ) AND the commandments of the Most High. Those are the people whom Satan is wroth with, not others . Other people are still in Satan's camp to one degree or other.  Believers under oppression sometimes suffer because of sin and other times to keep them humble like Paul as the Most High chooses for our best end.  Also doctrine is how to worship in Spirit and Truth   and if Christ as the Word of the Most High Made Flesh John 1: 14 it is NOT the doctrine of demons to keep the Torah ie clean food, Sabbaths plural and other purity laws but not made up laws of men. These are a necessity to show we are approved workers doing the Most High's desire and not our own if we have access to a bible and can read. We are without excuse if we have the Spirit but the Most High knows our weakness and will help us through for if Christ dwells in us we will DO what Christ did. ( The Torah in love just as the Most High intended to bring us back to the image He made us in. )    So part of waking up for the wise is to know truth and not be a slave to men's doctrines. If we don't keep the commandments including the Sabbaths of scriptures we are not as 'protected' as Satan has always led men to believe……which started with Eve surely you will not die if you eat from the tree of good AND evil. Choose the tree of LIFE which is the Most High's commandments as memorials because the prophets say we will be eating clean and keeping Sukkot in the Millenium. Also I am not sure if you are correct about the blue eye thing. A repentant heart will in no wise be turned away is in the Psalms. The story of Ruth who was a Moabite who was Never meant to be admitted into Israel but her love towards Israel & the Most High got her grafted in to Israel & she is the Grandmother of King David who is from Jesse and is the lineage of King Messiah. Blessings to ALL There will be many nations worshipping their Creator…..not just one tribe but all twelve and only the false & rebellious unrepentant will be receivers of the full wrath of the Most High.  FJ   Praise our KING and His Son.

  15. Power of suggestion is very real as well as the power of affirmation/meditation. I felt strongly in my spirit and a thought entered my mind while watching this video. That perhaps things are being set straight. The veil, and curse of not understanding scripture is being removed. Now we can truly see how Yah is loving,merciful, and slow to anger. But we are now also able to see that He is also not one to mess with. He is revealing himself to those that truly are seeking to know Him. Sadly, He is now mostly been seen as the Evil mercilessly beast from Rev13:1-2, Hosea13:7-8, 1peter5:8, 2samuel24:1-5, 1chronicles21:1-14, revelations13:12-13, John8:32-47, Luke19:27, mainly because of Zephaniah1:4-6. People seem to forget that He passes judgment at his house 1st. And forget that Ha Massiach isn’t returning to hold hands and sign kumbayah. Also forgetting that He was the one to send the 4 horsemen and commanded the angels to pour out the bowls of judgment. They need to realize that if you are not in line He will line u up. Yet, hasatan has sadly succeeded misleading people into believing that Yah is the bad guy, that we were held prisoners and in bondage by His laws, and His son came to free and redeem us from the laws of this beast of a God that only wanted worship from the people. Failing to realize that Father and son are 1in 2 sharing the power of the rouach / helper. Separated yet United. Nonetheless, we have to admit that this Mandela effect has, with the power of suggestion, and media marketing has become a Beast of its own. Causing a great part of the falling away. Aided by new/revised bibles and fearless people who are whiling to oppose His true word.

  16. How refreshing to hear what you had to say. I was almost sucked in by The Mandella Effect. You have encouraged me to get back into the Word. I seriously started believing the Mandella Effect. I just started a new church and right when i did is when i got hit with the Mandella Effect. Why do you call God, "Yah?" I just call him Jesus

  17. I beg you do not confuse spirituality with religion because they are not necessary related!! This kind of channels always connect the good with Christianity but Christianity like any pother religion is a Cultural view (Has created many crimes through history). There are many others!! (I do not have any and I am not an atheist). Native Americans did not have any religion but a direct connection with nature. Religion means to reconnect and Native Americans never were disconnected from mother Earth anyway… Do I explain myself…? Remember Witch Hunt in the middle ages? We think in a cultural box… We must rise our heads above it if we want to see anything. All the evil stuff, people talk about is part of Christian beliefs not an experimental science (It cannot be reproduced so you need faith to accept it)… Look at the stars at night, look at the rivers flowing, look at your hands… Life is everywhere… love is everywhere…"God" is everywhere… If god is god is infinite and eternal… nothing can be outside god… as simple as that (even the demos). The problem is that the liberal and also the conservative parties have an agenda (Anglo Saxos Supremacy) and the best way to fulfilled it is by using the "Sacred Books". That is the scrip for our crumbling reality today. With all my respect. Thank you.

  18. You're first statement is incorrect. The ME isn't associated with Fiona Broome. Fiona Broome merely noticed it. I first noticed it in 1992.

  19. How come no one commented on the 30 gun shots we heard in the back ground ??? 😮 woah! .. i soOOO would NOT want to live in a neighbour hood like that -_- .. thank you lord . And my comment on your video is that does not mean because we want to know ..and we "should" know how the governement is screwing us up with there mind control to have they're one world order and depopulation. "Were just starting to wake up" 😉 …. its about time! And that does not mean we dont beleive or have faith in GOD 😉 !

  20. Correct people believe the Mandela effect because they have allowed this into their lives.this has a powerful hold on there minds .. as scripture says they believe a lie so god allowed them to believe a lie and conformed their mind to believe this lie.🙏🏿what this lie does is take your focus of Jesus Christ .

  21. You guys will be the first to get screwed up. Scriptures in the bible are changing. You are downplaying what the devil can do buy calling us insane

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    The Mandela Effect is no more than a beta test from Satan to see who is paying attention before the ultimate deception takes place. If it where a simulated reality their would be no residual effects that still show the original information. Therefore, Satan is not perfect and cannot change everything so that is why you still see evidence of changes prior to the Mandela effect. One perfect example is the Berenstein/Berentstain paradox. If you research this closely you can still see the original spelling in things like the TV guide. It is all a beta test by Satan and his legions of demonic spirits into fooling humanity into the ultimate deception that is yet to come.


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