Man’s Torah Causes Malfunction in our Communities

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  1. Shabbat Shalom 💗 Family 🙏🌹📚 HAPPY SABBATH…. another Powerful Message to help us change our way of living… HalleluYah Ahmen 💯 ALL PRAISES TO ABBA FATHER ABBA YAH IN YAHSHUA HAMASHIACHS HOLY NAME AHMEN 🙏📖 🗡️ 🎺

  2. ALL PRAISES TO THE MOST HIGH YAH our ELOHYM AHAYAH IN YAHSHUA HAMASHIACH For another powerful message of understanding GLORY HALLELUYAH AHMEN 🍞THE BREAD OF LIFE 📜📖📚✍Time is running out ⏳

  3. Thank you Watchman and sister Deborah for bringing this awesome lesson Yah bless you and your family HALLELUYAH.

  4. Wow!!! My husband recently found your teaching and shared with me. I am So thankful to Yah for these teachings. Thank you

  5. Wonderful message today! I watched and re-watched on the TV this day. Did the whole sign on thing to leave a note to say how much I enjoyed it! Thank you!

  6. I disagree alittle. You don't have to raise farm animals and vegetables though I do believe all black men should aim to own land. You personally don't have to do that. There nothing wrong with owning a mansion as long as you give Elohim the glory for it and you didn't sin to get like being a drug dealer and you worked your but off legally.

  7. Has anyone watched this video
    It has great info even tho the names as we know are coming wrong but the FBI FACTS and how the government decades ago let in Demons and Nephiliyms aka fallen angel s and how they used them to complete their agenda s for this new world order and Revelation

  8. There was a rapper who died recently who is from the city I currently reside in. People built a shrine for him, named a street after him and were crying and weeping for him. And because he had a family no one looked at the type of music and imagery he put out. They had a whole celebration for this man, and from what I could see he sold his soul. Idk why people still equate wealth to someone being good and blessed smh. Great lesson family.❤

  9. Good message you really show how much lot of us Israel hate Yah and constantly pretends .Sometimes I wonder why Yah cares so much for instant there are men who keep claiming they are Christ in the house yet some of them encourage others to call their wives the Devil the Bible speaks of and uses the scripture verses to justify it by saying he called Peter the Devil . We have done our Father so much evils and instead of us focusing and doing right by him we seems to focusing on our image it shows how much we are destroy.

    Thank you

  10. Okra said what?!!! 😲OMG, I would have been scared I'd be struck by lighting where I stood to fix my mouth and say that!!


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