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  1. No. I'm not Engelson. Every person is responsible for their own salvation. Work it out with fear and trembling. Its not tradeable.

  2. Thank you so much for your video’s I have learned more from you than anyone 😁 YA is calling me back o my path to salvation👏🏽👏🏽

  3. Brother and sister's i have been decieved for year's as a white so called christain please forgive me brother's and sister. The true and living God has opened my eye's to who God really is. My husband left us on the 7th December and is involved in Buddhism and new age teachings and now Hinduism its is so frightening for my son and myself. My so called christain friend's have cast me off being the do not believe what you are teaching please pray for us as a family my husband knew mainstream Christianity was satanic but has been drawn into new age teachings and been totally decieved. Yah has led me just these past few day's to you both please pray for me. I have never had any hatred towards black people but i ask you both for forgiveness from the way you where treated by white man. Thankyou

  4. Wow. Wow just…wow. Recently I tried becoming a ‘born again Christian’….and I’ve been trying so hard to do my research and truly search God…then I came upon your channel and yes even I agree that hearing this sounded confusing and even did offend me! But listening more it’s as if my eyes are starting to become more opened. I believe He the Most High sent me to you for a reason. All I can do is submit to the truth and continue to do more research. Thank you for this. Thank you for having this channel. Pray for me, a gentile, that I may come to know Him more. Blessings!

  5. When I was a child I used to blister from the sun. Within myself. I thought ,"if Jesus was white how did he walk in the desert?" This was also around the time I realises money was for evil intent. But as a child if I was sent to church I had to go. So the image took over the truth that was in me. I remember being angry in church. There was a battle going on. It lead me away from truth. But Yah Yah knows my heart and in his mercy he brought me back to truth. Hallelujah I Love Yah the more I hear Yahs truth!

  6. When they say you are arrogant it is really they who are arrogant. Many times when people speak, it is their subconscious speaking of them in truth. I caught that within myself. So that meant I had somethings to change. Pride was one. I have to pray against that devil daily! Sometimes throughout the day.

  7. I didn't bought into the white Jesus thing from 10 yrs old. I remember me and my cousin taking my mom white Jesus calendar down and cut up to make cards to play with and got into trouble for it.


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